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Definitely starting the emigration process to leave the US and live somewhere else as a skilled worker.


Getting ready for some hot, sexy Diablo action. Guess what? I've never played a Diablo game before!


Start a new job on Monday. Kinda excited, even though it means I have to put my video game making dream on a low boil.


Need a break from TotK. Should I play The Tartar sauce Key or Deaths End ReQuest 2?


Just saw an ad for the "Limited Edition Budweiser Harley-Davidson can." Not only is it a hilarious overcorrection to appeal to the hard right, it's also a direct promotion for drinking and operating a motor vehicle.


70 hours into TotK and I didn't realize you can kill you effin horse?! I haven't felt that bad since SotC


I just flew an airplane for the first time. AMA


I'm morbidly curious so I think I'm going to gamefly Gollum


#sadcaturday I had to put down my girl of 15 years the other day. I feel really bad about it. She was sick but I'm still struggling if I made the right decision. Miss you, Panzerfaust


Just meh'd off Deathloop. Ama


Sunday is for posting dog pics


FINE. I'll play TotK. But I'm going to tell the wife this is YOUR fault, and I had no choice. I hope you're happy.


For everyone dealing with the ads, try AdGuard. It's not just a browser extension, it's a piece of software you install. It's free, I've been using it for years with no issues.


Got all excited because I found my physical copy of Armored Core V... Only to realize I don't have a 360 anymore and it's not bc with Xbox One. Bump: anyone got a good 360 or PS3 to trade for a fat Xbone or PS4 pro?


I have an Xbox One Master Chief edition that I haven't plugged in for a few years. Is there any reason i should hold on to it?


#Opiniontoid - I did not gel with Dead Island 2. Nothing about it grabbed me in a way that made me want to keep playing. So I sent it back and am now waiting for Kena: Bridge of Spirits to arrive


I want to comment on fp articles but disqus is all stupid again. Anyone else having issues there and not here?


That's Enslaved: Odyssey to the West all wrapped up. A solid died-more-to-bad-camera-angles-than-enemies / 10


Ok, so, I get you just realized your entire family has been murdered and you probably need some comfort right now, but there's so trading cards over here I gotta collect otherwise I won't get the achievement so, just hold on a minute mmmk


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