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Republicans: Abortions are illegal. Nine months later: so, uh, is child support.


Hey, Grimvalor is pretty fun


The Last of Us and Days Gone are totally the same universe


Children of Morta all wrapped up. Now trying Sakuna of Rice and Ruin


Finally going to give TLOUII a shot. Enjoyed the first one, but like a lot of people I wasn't ready for an emotionally dark game when it came out.


Currently in love with Children of Morta.


Second attempt at trials of mana and damn, I just cannot stand Charlotte or those stupid dancing store clerks


Are we just skeletons, or are we just the meat that surrounds them


When you're typing a response on Discus and the screen lock up and you cannit se way your tttyping


Welp I just bought a house in Maine. 2+ acres on tidal riverfront. Lmk if you want to come to a housewarming party in early August. Free booooooooooooooze @drmel I failed


Evening drinking. Watching Goonies. DAMA.


Day drinking. Watching Hot Fuzz. DAMA


All hotdog and no bun


Started playing SAO:Fatal Bullet. Digging it so far. No, I've never seen the anime. No, I've never played any of the other games. No, I've never [fanboi statement]. It's fun.


I'm going to try Fallout 76. Update: it's installed! I haven't played it yet but the hour is nearing. Soon... New edit: lol, I forgot I installed it


Has anyone played Griftlands beyond the demo? What did you think?


What happened to the search function on the main page?


After a long and unplanned hiatus, I'm finally back to working on my game.


Sunday status: Spot the now famous actor/actress in Saving Private Ryan and what they've done since.


Willy's Wonderland might be the greatest movie I've seen in years


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