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Should I make a game that's more survival horror / psychological, or side scrolling action shoot em up?


Was watching old GDC videos when the presenter put up this gem:


Do people still use kickstarter/ indie go go / whatever to fund games or is it all Steam Early Access now?


Woohoo Ragnarok showed up today. Thanks Gamefly, and the people here who reminded me it exists.


I mean, I'm trying, but Kojima's games are just so damned insufferable. EDIT: I can't. I just cant. No matter how good the games might be, I cannot support someone so vainglorious. I KNOW YOU WROTE THE GAME. I DON'T NEED TO SEE IT EVERY 20 MINUTES


Zoey bringing down the house on FP. Love it. I just finished played RE4-05 a few hours ago. I'm wondering how the new version handles that certain knife scene with that certain guy if you go into it with your knife busted


Ok now redo the Uncharted movie and not make it suck


Just finished up Red Faction Guerrilla remastered. First time I played any Red Faction game, and damn was it fun! A little jank and crashed on me a bunch though


Making games is hard


Opinion time! What's the best way to deal with dead bodies? In video games, of course! What game do you time handled it the best? Not just bodies, but destroyed scenery and all that.


Most important question ever: do I get Octopath 2 on the Switch for that beautiful OLED, or on the Deck for it's much more comfortable form factor?


That's Dead Pace Re:re'd done. I got bored with dying so I put it on story mode after chapter 8. I beat it back in OG form on the Xbox so whatever. Now onto Prey, going in blind!


Looking forward to playing RE Village after I polish off Call o' da Mountain. I never played it, so I'll be jumping in blind in VR


Super rare Stellar Sea Eagle just flew circles above our house and riverfront looking for breakfast. Couldn't get good pictures with my stupid phone so here's a old news clip in comments


So, yeah. Call of the Mountain is frickin awesome so far. Climbing feels good, shooting the bow feels good, Aloy is still hot (although she's about a foot shorter than me.) Im like flippin Catniss with the bow.


Happy cold and snowy Thursdogday!


Heyoooo. Be honest, how many times did you check to see if qtoid was working?


Label created: Feb 17. Estimated delivery: Fed 22. Status as of Feb 21: Label created, not yet picked up by carrier. For a package that has to be signed for, it's damn infuriating.


Finished up Spec Ops: The Line. It's a solid meh from me. Spoiler opinion in comments.


Finished up SOMA. Great little narrative game. Puzzles were way to easy but that's ok. Now playing Spec Ops: The Line. Very thankful I can finally get around to all the older, great games via the Steam Deck.


Terminator was clearly wrong. It wasn't the AI that became self aware and decided to nuke us; it was us that realized we had given birth the the collective embodiment of our own stupidity, and we decided to nuke ourselves.


You know, if memory serves me correctly (which, at 41, who fucking knows) didn't everyone hate Metroid Prime when it first came out? "Why mess with a good formula" and all that?


Anyone excited for tonight's series finale episode of the Football?


Current status: ETA looks like the System Shock remake demo has dropped on Steam! ITS A GOOD WEEK FOR DEMOS


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