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Have to go with the flow working from home sometimes. Went to the bathroom and came back to find my desk chair occupied


Tigel smees


Happy Don't Trust Anything Day


Ok Justified is one of the best shows I've watched. Binging it like crazy. I also now have a crush on Timothy Olyphant. My wife knows and she understands


Future reference, knee surgery kinda sucks


Currently on the mend after knee surgery today. Probably binge some television shows the next week plus. Thinking either Better Call Saul or Umbrella Academy. Thoughts?


Elden Ring has been "beaten". 86 hours and I'm sure I missed a ton. Fantastic game. One of my favorites of the past couple years


I'm getting very close to "end" of elden ring after close to 80 hours. Absolutely love it. Likely my favorite From Soft souls type game. Want to replay them all again and give sekiro another try and formulate my final opinion.


Elden ring is fun, difficult in the right ways, amazing to just play around in and cooked me a 3 course dinner!


Breath of the Elden Ring or Elden Ring of the Wild amirite?


Elden ring is everything I wanted it to be and more


Just need to get through the next 8 days


Replaying Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Sekiro because I'm excited for Elden Ring so much. Anyway, the definitive ranking for me is DS3>DeS>DS=BB>DS2>>>>>Sekiro


Gravity is the most fundamental force in the universe. Without it, you'd just have gravy.


Merry Christmas all. Love every single one of you. #caturday


And they said chivalry is dead


Haven't been around much. Been very busy. I'm still alive. Been playing Rocket League and Siege with friends and waiting for Elden Ring. Reminder FF12 is the best FF and a top game of all time. Poop


I want to be cool


Holy cow Cyberpunk 2077 has some serious jank to it. I've seen quite a few bugs, people falling through the world, and it gets pretty stinking repetitive. But damn if I'm not really enjoying the dumb game


It's October, time for me Resident Evil series playthrough (The games I own that is). The best time of the year.


Tales of Arise is some darn good anime gaming


Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone


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