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Where can I sign up?


The part "Health" is sad


Still don't know


What I deal with every day


Hate to admit it but no 1 and the last one describes me pretty good :P


I usually post random/ funny stuff. But a while ago I mentioned I'm currently working on a mobile game for android. Anyone willing to help out by testing the APK? Thnx in advance :)


Hmm perhaps god was lazy when he created me as well :P (or others)


How will it wear it?


Why don't you use your knife?


What is he saying?


Did you know that Vampires suck your blood for vitamine D because they can't get out in the sun themselves? You ever think about that? No. You only think of yourself %Random Facts


man's best friend right?


which type are you?


Futurama, such a great show


I love this for reasons


Title says it all


This is awesome!


When we talk about games most of the times it's about games that are (insane) hard. But what about the eastiest game(s) you have played? Or games you go like... that's it?


A long time ago you didn't have a save option. But now I really can relate to this...


When cuteness is justice


I would use my cats too


I hope this isn't real after that shit they pulled off with Dragonball Z real live action movie


Choose your fate


I loved the old cartoon network. They had so many great cartoons. What was your favorite cartoon back in the days?


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