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Are the sidebar ads finally gone? I’ve missed it here but all my scrolling is done on mobile at night and every time I’d scroll down I’d accidentally tap an ad. I don’t see them today and it’s making me hopeful I can resume browsing on here regu


Search feature on dtoid seems wonky now. Searched Tom Clancy Ghost Recon and none of the first results were for ghost recon...only one was even a Tom Clancy result.


Finally got a PS4 and spider-man. Such a damn good game. Feel free to add me on PSN: keisal


My vet clinic just got review bombed. I guess I should be flattered we are apparently important enough to be review bombed by people who have never even used our services?? Frustrating. Be kind to your veterinarians guys.


I know we have a bunch of animal lovers on here so if any of you are in the central Ohio region and want to come check us out please do! We are a low cost vet clinic. Should be a fun time! Alcohol included.


Daybreak on Netflix reminds me of Sunset Overdrive. Such a good game. I’d buy a PlayStation just for a sequel if they made one


My first epic games store experience today is really not going well. See below


It’s alive!!


Steep has got to have the dumbest story mode I’ve ever played. But I enjoy riding down the mountains and the other challenges so worth it I guess


Just bought everything I need to build my own desktop. First build so I’m excited. Should be able to build in mid Jan


Red Dead comes out on my birthday. Ahhh fuck it . Pre-ordered


Lazy Sunday cattoid


Really glad I bought a switch. I’ve probably doubled my gaming time in the past two weeks. My body is physically beat up from work this week but I’ve been able to crash in bed and play for an hour before passing out. It’s helping my sanity for sure.


I caved. Add me: SW-7305-3130-9924


I maybe bought stickers of my cat


My cat has her own amazon profile now, with her own personalised recommendations of fancy feast and chirpy birds


Its crazy how much anxiety I have just because I have to talk to/discipline some people at work tomorrow. I domt want to talk to people. I just want them to show up on time and do their job.


Today sucked. Having to fire somebody sucks, even though it was the right thing to do. Having to euthanize somebody's cat sucked even though it was the right thing to do. Having to do it all while my heart is racing from steroids suvks. Fuck tbis flu.


Drunk. And angry.


Eh, why not.


I’ve killed Azmodan 4 times now and the achievement still won’t unlock :(


A PSP that plays GBA cardtridges. Seems legit. Definitely a trending item here in 2017.


Was doing so well not buying anything on the Xbox Live sale. Today I caved and got Infinite Mini Golf and Lego World. These weren’t even among the games I had been contimplating all week. But decided to go more casual. Hopefully they are good?


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Just a Jersey girl(stuck in Ohio) on a never ending quest to buy way more video games and systems than I will ever have time to play.

I currently work as a tech in a dog shelter. Job takes up most of my time but it's worth it for the good I am able to do for animals. Spay/Neuter saves lives!

When I'm not spending money on unnecessary video games that I won't get around to playing for another 5 years, I also enjoy snowboarding, programming, and going to concerts.

I am also on a lifelong journey to try every Sam Adams ever made. Help me, send me free beer.
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