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I see a new Nintendo Direct dropped. New Zelda trailer, Pikmin 4, Samba de Amigo, lots 'o DLC and expansion passes, Octopath 2... Interesting! I think that about covers everything of note.


So after years developing slipspace engine for this whole new platform of delivering Halo content going forward, 343 decides to... switch to Unreal Engine now. lol


1 hour of perfection. God damn every time I see new content from this game I'm simultaneously too impatient to wait and also massively frustrated at Capcom for squandering this franchise's potential.


PSA: Nazis bad. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


Welp voted. Democracy saved. You're welcome America. Most humble person in the universe, signing off. (Pic unrelated)


Happy Halloween! I'd say trick or treat but it's really more like treat or more treats when concerning Linkle.


Because I'm bored I have two theories on how Charles Martinet will cameo in the upcoming movie.


I didn't expect Bowser to apparently be the star of the new Mario movie.


Happy birthday to a certain fellow someone of good taste, who shares my appreciation for a giant fish girl that some may or may not be familiar with here.


Linkle Mod: Now featuring catboi... because reasons.


Does anyone else still kinda view the 360/PS3/Wii as the start of the "modern era" and everything before that is retro, even though that's not really accurate anymore?


Between Strange New Worlds and The Orville, I'm getting a lot of good new Star Trek lately and I'm enjoying them both.


Amazing how quickly 11 states already acted to ban abortion, but just can't seem to pass universal healthcare like the entire rest of the developed world. I'm sure it's because they care so deeply about human life.


Obi-Wan Kenobi more or less did everything I wanted to see in it, but I feel like it did so in the most half-baked way every time. It was OK, but it should have been better.


So far Shredder's Revenge is pretty much what I wanted. Turtles in Time soundtrack but even better, and Turtles in Time gameplay but even better.


Chrono Trigger has a major problem in 2022

Chrono Trigger is a masterpiece. It's been around for many years now, and I still think it holds up after all this time; it's an absolute classic developed by a legendary team from Squaresoft, with famous artist Akira Toriyama of Drago...


While discussing some stuff with friends today, I just came across a mind-boggling statistic about Chrono Trigger that has completely and utterly shattered my brain.


Uh-oh. Linkle seems to have gotten herself lost again.


Repugnicans at it again. We have inflation and supply chain problems, healthcare is still broken, unionization under assault, and once again all they have to offer is "don't say gay. PS. screw women lol"


Unironically tho if we can't have Steve Downes as the Chief it would've been fun to see Vin Diesel in the role for the new Halo series. He could totally pull off the deadpan one-liners and back and forth banter with Cortana.


Beating the 200cc time trial ghost of Ninja Hideaway is an exercise in psychological abuse from Nintendo. Did they really expect even 1% of players to pull that off? Never again...


Nitpick Theater: Why is a made-for-TV streaming show STILL not using 16:9 aspect ratio? Movies I can forgive; TV has no excuse. You're ALREADY FILMING for a 16:9 screen! Y'all just love to throw pointless black bars everywhere don't ya. Stahp it.


I feel like the first episode of Halo condensed half a season's worth of plot into a single episode. That uh... that escalated quickly.


After a week's worth of banging my head against a wall, I have finally achieved the retro gaming and media center PC of my dreams.


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