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I was under the impression Dtoid was one of the better sites out there when it comes to supporting its staff and community. Perhaps I was mistaken. Sorry you have to go through this Chris.


Rewatching Gundam 00 and god damn it's still the GOAT of GOATs. Just such a well done show. I don't think any Gundam series will ever top it again for me.


Even though TOTK isn't entirely my jam, or the ideal direction I would have liked to have seen a BOTW followup, I am still impressed at Nintendo's ability to mix up the formula in such big ways yet again. It's so rare from a game of this scale.


I think I'm cheesing over 60% of the puzzles in TotK, way more than I did in BotW. In a weird way it bothers me because I want to know the intended solution and it feels like I'm cheating, but on the other hand I feel like a genius and F U gaaaaame


I can't believe TOTK pulled the old Kojima bait and switch sidelining Link into a secondary character after the initial tutorial area and having you play as a cucco for the rest of the game instead.


Mello Yello is an underrated soda.


Sonic 2 got pretty weird and cringe, but was oddly charming because of it. So I guess exactly what you would expect a Sonic movie to be. Good stuff.


Saw EEAAO recently, so I guess count me now among its fans. More importantly, I'm just happy to see Michelle Yeoh finally get the recognition she deserves. Always felt she was an under-appreciated actress.


Final episode of Picard got a bit too campy for its own good, but I think it mostly stuck the landing at the end of the day. Overall highly recommend the season, and just pretend the first two don't exist.


Mario movie was... OK. It feels slightly undercooked. They establish a lot of fun character dynamics but I feel like they don't fully follow through with them because they're too busy jumping from set piece to set piece, but they are fun set pieces.


Diablo 4 beta first impressions: Why are we fighting Lilith again? She seems like she'd be more fun at parties than the guys I'm aligned with. I dunno man, she's got a point. Where do I sign up with her lot?


I see a new Nintendo Direct dropped. New Zelda trailer, Pikmin 4, Samba de Amigo, lots 'o DLC and expansion passes, Octopath 2... Interesting! I think that about covers everything of note.


So after years developing slipspace engine for this whole new platform of delivering Halo content going forward, 343 decides to... switch to Unreal Engine now. lol


1 hour of perfection. God damn every time I see new content from this game I'm simultaneously too impatient to wait and also massively frustrated at Capcom for squandering this franchise's potential.


PSA: Nazis bad. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


Welp voted. Democracy saved. You're welcome America. Most humble person in the universe, signing off. (Pic unrelated)


Happy Halloween! I'd say trick or treat but it's really more like treat or more treats when concerning Linkle.


Because I'm bored I have two theories on how Charles Martinet will cameo in the upcoming movie.


I didn't expect Bowser to apparently be the star of the new Mario movie.


Happy birthday to a certain fellow someone of good taste, who shares my appreciation for a giant fish girl that some may or may not be familiar with here.


Linkle Mod: Now featuring catboi... because reasons.


Does anyone else still kinda view the 360/PS3/Wii as the start of the "modern era" and everything before that is retro, even though that's not really accurate anymore?


Between Strange New Worlds and The Orville, I'm getting a lot of good new Star Trek lately and I'm enjoying them both.


Amazing how quickly 11 states already acted to ban abortion, but just can't seem to pass universal healthcare like the entire rest of the developed world. I'm sure it's because they care so deeply about human life.


Obi-Wan Kenobi more or less did everything I wanted to see in it, but I feel like it did so in the most half-baked way every time. It was OK, but it should have been better.


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