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My wife is hogging Octopath Traveler. Unluckiest Friday the 13th ever D:


Octo x Octo++ Edition


Finished Monster Hunter World tonight. Amazing game, but it was also a lot harder to enjoy without my usual hunting team all able to play with me and get each other through all the fainting and grinding :( [Four in February 3/4]


Got a second NES Classic ...controller! Finally! Apparently most Gamestops got a nice huge restock of 2 controllers per store today.


Got absorbed in FFXV all yesterday and finished it tonight. The brotrip adventure my friends and I used to dream about being cool enough to have. I'm sure plenty of people felt this way, but I really saw parts of myself and my friends in these characters.


My favorite co-worker quit unexpectedly today. Luckily I decided to go in for half a day so I got to say goodbye. Current status:


Spent the morning picking the bones off Toys R Us' corpse (RIP). Going to use them to display all of the junk we bought from them over the years.


I can't tell if I'm awful at FFXV's combat, underleveled, or if this is just Potions: The Game :/


Wife and I finished Overcooked! Had no issues 3-starring every level until the last world came along and SOMEONE wouldn't stay with their soup.....


There are no Whole Foods or Trader Joe's anywhere near me. I guess we have Wegmans? Sex. #MyBattlefield


I enjoyed my 3 hours with Octopath Traveler. Started with Cyrus and got Tressa, and I'm pretty comfortable with that as a starting point. I think it played better than the last demo. Everything felt faster/smoother and the filter didn't bother me as much


Finally done with social obligations for a few months, and work is mostly settling back down. All that's left now is to catch up on playing video games! A/C was fixed just in time to stay home and watch E3 the way dog intended:


I'll still probably be crazy busy until at least June, but please rest assured that this puppy is still living The Good Life


Easier puzzle this weekend


Guess I should get around to playing this since they sent me a postcard...


Saturday afternoon puzzle


First free day I've had in a while. Time for some quality video gaming with me, myself, and this doof!


Oops, it's somehow been over a week without me spamming puppy pictures at you guys. Sorry about that! So for my 200th post, AMA and get a puppy picture chosen just for you! (while supplies last)


I have Lexmark printers though...


Woke up and finished Axiom Verge. I enjoyed pretty much everything about it, but I wouldn't quite say that it's better than Metroid. Extremely impressive that it was all made entirely by one person. [Four in February 1/4]


Snow day! Which, of course, means Monster Hunter day!


Haven't seen anyone else mention it, so happy Grounddog Day, everyone!


#Shoutoutoid to... uh... *spins around and points* ...YOU! I like you. A lot.


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