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If anyone's interested, Strictly Limited is selling Pocky and Rocky Reshrined tomorrow March 31 at 16:00 CEST.


Yeah, Disney can go fuck itself. I'm done with them.


DOUBLE YAY! My tax return was deposited this morning and the SSD I wanted for my PS5 was on sale!


Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes!


Edit: To Mr. LimoMaker AND Vxxy: For you the day you were born was the most important day of your life but...


It looks like I won't be switching to an early morning shift afterall. One of their managers told me it's unlikely since I don't have as much seniority to get on and even if they took me I'd likely be sent to an undesirable department. Gif unrelated


Personally, I'm not interested in Old Necklace, Ancient Bracelet, or whatever it's called but I hope all of you who are enjoy it immensely!


Well, My Taito Egret II Mini has just been pre-ordered. Current status.


Her question seems to have struck a nerve with someone. I thought it was complex and thought provoking.


For me, Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow might be the first game where I feel I got everything I ever wanted in a game. I spent the Summer of 2003 just pouring over it. Even bought the July 03 issue of Tips & Tricks that was pretty comprehensive on it.


I'm highly considering switching to an early morning shift at work. Need to get some information from the supervisors though so I don't get switched to a different department. GIF unrelated but the world could use more Wario.


The news about what's going on with Stadia reminds me of the Phantom by Infinium Labs. It lead me to this video of one getting smashed at QuakeCon 2004. Supposedly, a plastic piece of the smashed console was sold on Ebay last October for over $2,000.


Florida Man wears Sonic mask and wields hammer to unsuccessfully rob bank.


De3r Santa. Thair r 2 manny numburzz plz elaminate 5 of dem and no anchovies kthxbai, sincurly Jetr. PS make saturn gemes cheepr!


Looking back, I wonder if would've owned a Dreamcast if I was a bit older when it first came out (15-16) and could probably appreciate the controller more than I did when I was 9-10?


Slow day at work today. AMA?


On top of Beavis and Butthead, it looks like King Of The Hill is coming back too with the cast 15 years older, I tell ya hwat!


Turns out the reservation list for the Taito Egret II is today courtesy of Strictly Limited. Interesting day so far.


For PS5 owners: What SSDs do you recommend? Personally, I'm looking into getting a 1TB Aorus Gen4 7000s w/heatsink. It's PS5 compatible and has really good reviews. I'm open to suggestions though.


Uhh...Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh... cool. Heh heh heh...BOY-YOY-YOY-OING!


My COVID test results came back: I'M NEGATIVE! :D


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