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Metroid Shred (Anyone else getting SSX Tricky vibes from this pic?)


Since it's spooky season right now, how about childhood boogeymen? I used to think there was a goblin-like creature that would come out at night when you were asleep and if you're feet weren't covered it would pluck off all of your toes. How about yours?


I hope y'all are enjoying Meteoroid Primo today. Pic somewhat related.


For pet owners: Does anyone have recommendations for stain and odor removers for carpet? I've tried a couple of different ones but any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


New stickers for my new canteen!


Woke up this morning to find out that some prick got my debit card info and decided to go on a shopping spree. My bank caught it and shut off my card, reimbursed me, and are issuing me a new one which will arrive in about a week. Current mood.


Regrettably, I had to quit the feeder training as I could not reliably get the manual transmission down in the time allotted time (Trust me I did BAD). I was to be taken down a city street but I decided it would be unsafe given my level of skill.


*Phew* Training's tough. 10+ hours a day, tests EVERY day, tons to memorize but I'm told it gets easier. Gotta keep at it!


I just got the call. It's time...


Because I know y'all are thirsty af.


Wow! Wasn't expecting to see these! Was anyone looking for one?


Just a PSA for any mosquitos out there: If you get anywhere near me you will feel my scorn.


Update: I got everything submitted with (Exactly) 30 minutes to spare!


*Phew* Rough day at work but came home to this! I'm sure it's worth it though! I love that the cover is foil! More games should have foil covers. Why? Because I said so! Don't question my infallible logic.


God, these Youtube ads are something else. Just got one for a supplement that gives you "bigger balls". Classy. Btw, this post brought to you by Nord: Raycon Legends. Enter JETR at checkout to save 5%. Remember guys, you're not a dish...you're a man.


Playing through Beast Busters makes me wish that Arcade-style light gun games should make a resurgence. And yes I'm aware of House Of The Dead: Scarlet Dawn.


I went to 5 different stores and none of them had Hades for PS5. Managed to buy a copy online at normal price but damn. Didn't expect this to be hard to find.


Spike the foreman from the Wrecking Crew games is going to be in the Super Mario Bros. movie. That is all.


Do you have a favorite entry in a series but it feels weird to call it your favorite? I think Metal Slug 3 holds that distinction for me since I still really like the other mainline games.


Happy Birthday GajKnight. May your day be filled with thrown Bibles and sea salt ice cream.


Ever watch a commercial and it just sticks with you?


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