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PSA For Hades fans: Entertainment Earth has a Zagreus statue up for pre-order at $33.99. It's expected to ship in November. Link in description.


Since I know you guys like that game about the old necklace and lobsters I'm here to inform thee that the art books for it are up for preorder on Amazon.


Getting a $1 (off my base rate per hour) pay cut next week. Can't say I didn't see something like this coming. Current status (on the right).


Big storms coming our way in Cali. Up to 70mph winds and very heavy rain. Power outages and landslides are also expected. It's going to be rough. Hope the rest of you in the state stay safe.


Finally, have some time to try out the Cowabunga Collection. It feels good to play Turtles In Time again. Can't wait to try it online! The first NES game is ok but it feels like it was rushed with stiff controls and questionable hit detection.


Had a nice Christmas at my sister's. My nephews got spoiled to Hell and back. Though I did have to return a jacket I got for my youngest nephew since it was too small. Everyone else in my family liked their gifts too. Me, scratchers ($12) and gift cards!


Good news! My nephew is feeling much better and I'm going to see my sister afterall! Merry Christmas to all!


My near month long work schedule is donezo! Had its UPS (get it?) and downs so H8/10. Got 3 days to rest now!


Turns out my sister got involved in a car accident yesterday (everyone involved is fine). She's been pretty unlucky the last few months between her childishly petty ex-husband, getting pretty sick recently and now this. Hope I can see her for Christmas.


Simply beautiful! (My job was giving out boxes of whole pizzas to everybody!)


Just one more week of work to go. It's been much harder this year than before but hey at least they've gotten my paychecks right.


There are some other cool perks to going to work everyday. Cool participation raffle prizes! Still not sure how the drawing process works though. I just need to show up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!


God Of War 2018 and Ragnarok are what I imagine Zelda would've turned out like (gameplay wise) if the series went on hiatus after Twilight Princess and didn't see another entry for 12 years. Essentially, if they kept it more like Ocarina than BOTW.


Friday's gonna kick off my month long workathon extravaganza! Nearly 30 days straight of arduous physical labor with the added benefits of time and a half and double time pay. It'll be tough but I'm taking up the gauntlet.


Kratos is ashamed of being in PSASBR. :( I guess MK9 and Broken Destiny were cool though.


Not sure if I'll be able to commit to the Secret Santa thing this year but I still want to send someone here a gift. So I thought about it and decided to send a mystery box to someone early! However, there are some conditions. Yes, it's free! See comments


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