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Apropos of nothing: I changed my text notification sound to the "EDF!" chant. No regerts!


What was the first video game that you played that you could tell was really bad? For me, I think it was the Incredible Hulk game on Genesis that I had rented when I was about 5.


I'm off to go ruin someones day.


It looks like the ladies are back to upvote us again.


Saw Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin online for a reasonable price and decided to give it a spin. Anybody play it? Did you like it?


Does anyone have any funny/interesting stories attached to any games/consoles they've purchased? Like something that happened while you were buying it? I think I have a good one.


PSA: This exists. At Walmart. 'Murica.


I'd really like to go to California Extreme in July assuming it doesnt get cancelled/delayed (the big arcade expo here in the Bay) but I'm a little wary of the crowds and am thinking I should wait and see what the news is with the 2nd booster shot first.


In news that I wish was an April Fools Joke: Ben Shapiro is making a kids show. Here's hoping it's good for meme fodder.


If there's going to be a Sonic cinematic universe, who'll play Big? Seth Rogen? Sir Ben Kingsley? Matt Damon? Someone else? Chris Pratt will likely be Froggy.


If anyone's interested, Strictly Limited is selling Pocky and Rocky Reshrined tomorrow March 31 at 16:00 CEST.


Yeah, Disney can go fuck itself. I'm done with them.


DOUBLE YAY! My tax return was deposited this morning and the SSD I wanted for my PS5 was on sale!


Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes!


Edit: To Mr. LimoMaker AND Vxxy: For you the day you were born was the most important day of your life but...


It looks like I won't be switching to an early morning shift afterall. One of their managers told me it's unlikely since I don't have as much seniority to get on and even if they took me I'd likely be sent to an undesirable department. Gif unrelated


Personally, I'm not interested in Old Necklace, Ancient Bracelet, or whatever it's called but I hope all of you who are enjoy it immensely!


Well, My Taito Egret II Mini has just been pre-ordered. Current status.


Her question seems to have struck a nerve with someone. I thought it was complex and thought provoking.


For me, Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow might be the first game where I feel I got everything I ever wanted in a game. I spent the Summer of 2003 just pouring over it. Even bought the July 03 issue of Tips & Tricks that was pretty comprehensive on it.


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