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Got to spend some time with my dad today. Had a nice time! Went to a pretty good BBQ joint and had some pulled pork and talked. If anyone's in the Sac area give this place (Poor Red's) a go. Super good!


Looks like my Egret II Mini isn't going to get shipped out until sometime in July. First it was May 27th, then June 10th, and now this. Worst yet, Strictly Limited didn't even tell anyone via email Tweet etc. I had to reach out to customer support. '-_-


Who's your favorite secondary antagonist from a game?


*Sigh* *Facepalm* ...It happened.


When it comes to Collector's Editions of games, what kind of extra pack-ins are your favorite? Art books, CD soundtracks (Mine!), figurines, statues, steelbook cases or something else? Any Collector's Editions in particular you like?


Just a PSA: There seems to be a new form of bots lurking on Disqus. Just got one from "DISQUS TEAM". I checked the profile and it featured one those porn links and a lewd pic. Just thought I would share.


I've been craving root beer floats lately. So tell me, what's your favorite brand of root beer? For me, I think IBC straight from an ice cold glass bottle.


Oof! Work's been crazy busy for the last few days. Long hours, everything that can go wrong does, and no one's happy. However, that driver job I want may be mine this Summer. Just gotta keep at it!




#underratedmonday This is Dragon View the prequel to Drakkhen on SNES by Kemco. A unique mix of beat-em-up Action-RPG combat with an early attempt at a 3D overworld. WELL worth a look!


SO HAPPY! Got this (heavy!) beauty at my auction house for $62! Haven't read these strips since the early aughts!


Edit: Silver got it! It'll be sent out tomorrow!


Current status (I wish):


By popular demand (And by popular, I mean one person requested this), another Gunstar Heroes Gif!


Monday: The struggle is real!


Over a month ago, I bestowed upon all of you Mac 'N Cheese Ice Cream. Now, I offer you all this!


Reggie says that Mother 3 didn't get localized because of "business decisions" and not because of content within the game. Also, don't hold your breath for a release.


Just registered and got my tickets for California Extreme (the arcade expo) at the end of July! CAN'T WAIT! :D


With all of these fembots upvoting us, I'm starting to feel like a protagonist in one of those unwanted harem animes.


Today is my Sunday! Why not do an AMA?


I know life sucks but have a cute picture of a cute kitty.


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