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When I make my singular biyearly Dtoid post (only true retrotoiders will understand)


Imagine me figuring out my password for here in less than 5 tries lol. Not coming back here in some big way but uhh I watched the Bass thing, it was fun and this is a post to make vxxy happy. Hope you're all doing great! (I hope I'm doing this right)


Played Ys Seven and Memories of Celceta over the holidays, which means I've now finally played all the currently existing Ys games I wanted to play except 8. Might have found my new favorite in MoC, as well as possibly my favorite game soundtrack ever. :3


Happy new year <3


Aside from this site running like shit half the time and me generally not knowing what to say I'll try to post on occasion when I'm not lazy. No promises but I like stalking occasionally anyway :p


What is your opinion on games? What's the color of your wall? What is life?


Just thought I'd drop by for a second. I haven't forgotten about y'all, still stalk around here and other places with you occasionally :p Hope all is well in the dtoid lands :3


Hey, I know I haven't been on here forever and you might not care, but this is about helping out a great friend for me. Please have a look at this and spread it around, it would mean a lot to me. <3 https://www.gofundme.com/buckleurpants-stream-funding


Sign of life? You seem to like those on occasion :p


Not sure how many of you still care about OW, but can I just brag for a sec about being in the top 500 for beating the event on Legendary early on (took 5 tries)? Pretty sure we were one of the world-first groups to have it done and on video as well. :3


sorry for not writing the blog but I got caught up in wanting to do other things, will maybe possibly write this weekend or during next week sometime since I have a week of holidays then :p


Also I guess I might as well answer anything you people are wondering about, soooo... AMA. I'll answer anything you ask in this post when I do the blog, in addition to whatever else I'm gonna write. Bumping this once more, gonna write it... sometime


Alright so I guess since some people are interested in seeing a blog about what I've been doing I might do it this weekend. Not sure though, I feel like some of it might upset people or something and some of it is just fairly standard? Might be boring idk


Also, Nier is wonderful but I'm not far, I still play OW religiously (and actually met a lot of people thanks to it), life exists, I am still the hottest. I could probably write a long blog post about my doings but I'm not important enough for that :p


IBO is wonderful, ended perfectly and is somewhere among my favorite Gundam shows. Thought I'd put that out here as a little sign of life from yours truly :3


I made a shitpost


Sorry for no tracks. Kinda forgot about it. Also spent the last 12 hours or so playing Overwatch in competitive and I am now diamond, started from 2540 and did it all in solo queue. Also dropped to 2910 in a few lost matches afterwards but I got my goal!


So this is pretty cool and I kinda want Tekken 7 now that I heard this.


Little bit of nostalgia for me. This used to be one of my favorite games on the PS2, despite not really being very much into Bond ever.


Very friendly reminder to please not spoil Yakuza 0 here. I don't have the time nor do I want to rush through it to avoid spoilers and I'm not getting it yet because there's a 3 week OW event that I want to focus on rather than having Y0 get in the way.


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