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Hmm, how are the mobile ports of the Final Fantasy games? They're a bit pricey, but playing a classic RPG on the go seems... tempting. Pic unrelated


Flaming takes: I actually enjoyed Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. MegaMan x6>x7 Military shooters are done too often and are getting old.


HLD being free twice in the same year was the most generous thing Epic has done. More people need to play that piece of art.


SHADOW TACTICS: BLADES OF THE SHOGUN IS FREE!!! Y'all have no idea how much i wanted that game man...


Long time no see y'all. Have a cursed jojo meme a friend made... Meet Abbacheeto


Any loser into unheard-of things(like me) heard of Istrolid?


Boom! Finally got her. Sold Nai; she just wasn't for me. Hopeful I can finally get good!


Just got into Brawhalla! I'm starting out with Queen Nai, and hope to get into either Jiro or Hattori later. Any tips I should know? *bump 'cause I'm desperate*


Snk: making dope games for AGES! Man, there needs to be more of a community for this game in the USA. I'd SOOOOO be in for it...


Anyone else find it weird how it took the sixth game to get a standard sword user in Soulcalibur?


Screw what they say! King Of Fighters XIV is awesome!


Street Fighter V: small roster on release, paid dlc, no arcade mode, lack of features, lame story mode that comes later. People support. Fighting EX Layer: small roster, free dlc, arcade mode added before definitive edition. People whine.


KILLL HIM!!!!! https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/travelsingapore14/best-luxury-stays-in-singapore-439324.phtml#post


You know what I'D want? A rhythm/music game that features soundtracks from popular game franchises, featuring Capcom, Arc System Works, Konami, Atlus, and a hell of a lot more! I'd would so play that just for Daisuke themes!


I don't know why, but I can't stop watching Haehyun matches.


Um, is this a spam post? I can't tell... https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/tiamoreen/are-gs-go-players-and-angry-immature-and-paranoid-bunch--437446.phtml#post


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