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Review: Half-Life: Alyx

Every so often we tackle dual reviews, where two authors share their takes on a game and provide a single combined score. What better game to bring that concept back than Half-Life: Alyx, the first new Half-Life game in ages. Gath...


PCinvasion.com is hiring part-time news editors, paid gig

Destructoid's sister site, PCInvasion.com, is looking for new writers. You should apply! This is the sign you've been waiting for all these years to free yourself from the shackles of your stupid soul-sucking day job and transition to ...


The dark/night theme on Destructoid should become the default meme this year. Change my mind


Did you guys catch that swing at Destructoid at the end of Zero Punctuation? ITS ON YAHTZ


We're seeing an increased number of spam actions recently, so I made our firewall rules more severe. This may accidentally send you captcha notices. If that's happening to you please email me your username and public IP address for whitelisting. Thx!


We just witnessed a boss-level mom perform this at karaoke


Anime is saved: A new series featuring yakuza thugs getting gender reassignment surgeries to become j-pop idols begins in July


I couldn't put Cobra Kai down! That's what I call retro reboots done right


DailyEsports is hiring, get paid to write about your passion

Destructoid's future sister esports site is called DailyEsports.tv, a project our parent company recently acquired. It's day zero and we're staffing with a brand new editorial team.  Come help us turn this husk of a Wordpress blog into...


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