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Shoutout to @GoofierBrute who mentioned the Castlevania Advance Collection being on sale in the eShop. Fuck finals, am I right?


Nomura is Michael Jackson and Taro is Prince.


Norco is on sale on Steam. I haven't played it yet, but I'm very interested to see how a game that's based on a town 15 minutes from where I grew up turns out.


My teacher, who is an incredibly rad individual, told me that I would like Omori. Guess I have to bite, now.


This is super vulgar and probably not to many people's taste, but there's never been a better time to post it. Pour one out.


As much as I loved the Green Ranger, I was actually a White Ranger kid. Maybe because it was such a tangible representation of his redemption. RIP JDF.


Lil band at work today, some country swing blues type shit. Lotsa Cash and stuff. I went to check em out when they were setting up and dude let me play his gee-tar (beautiful Tele) and all my co-workers were like, "holy shit Matt's REALLY good." Felt nice


One more in honor of Keith. PiL was John Lydon's "real" band. Their first three albums completely reshaped the way I approached music and guitar. They were absolute shit in the best way possible. Also, Keith founded The Clash with Joe Strummer.


RIP Keith Levene, you horrible, scratchy, noisy ass guitarist. You were quite the influence on me.


In honor of our fallen heroes, I'm drinking a watermelon alcoholic beverage while wearing a Batman shirt.


Frontiers looks kinda fun. Don't like Sonic's voice AT ALL and the whole thing seems to take itself too seriously, but it looks fun.


Shame Sonic will never go back to music like this. This to me just screams SEGA.


Also forgot that D'angelo's "Voodoo" is a top 5 R&B album. Questlove tight as fuck on that bitch. In videogame news... Bayo 2 (yes, 2) is pretty fucking great.


Forgot just how damn good this song is. Also, Dee and Nigel are the most underrated rhythm section in popular music, imo.


Happy birthday to the lovely people. Stay weird, my friends.


Hot take: while some movies are objectively better made, acted, etc. then others... you like what you like and that is OK.


Major throwback. Have a wonderful day, errybody.


Fan boi status. Happy Halloween, my loves.


Shudder did a 101 scariest horror movie moments show and the number one spot made me so goddamn happy.


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