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Super Bondage Baby Death Queen Mega Highway


I had Chrono Trigger on DS when it came out but dealt with severe game anxiety while playing. Stupidly over-whelmed by this thing I wanted my entire life, I let my cousin borrow it while I focused on school. He lost it. I have never played Chrono Trigger.


"Thank God It's Not Christmas," by Sparks is my current obsession.


I had a mental vision before dream time. Muppet looking birds of various colors were sitting on a subway and glaring at me; I thought, "that's interesting, maybe I should make something about angry birds." And then thought, "aw drat"


Finished the main quest of GoW 2018. I understand why people like it, but it wasn't for me. Beautiful game with some neat/fun moments, but it often dragged on to the point where I wasn't enjoying myself. I'm willing to give the sequel a shot, though.


Shared with my side bros yesterday, but might as well post it here. One of my best friends got married yesterday and my (literal) brother and I had the honor of opening the doors for her and her father to walk down the aisle. So here's me being a douche!


Happy bday, Tater and my other friend that isn't on here. Enjoy the rest of this Freaky Friday.


I like dancers, but I also like feet. Unfortunately, those two things don't often coexist peacefully.


Power went out. Get tanked and listen to Hawkwind? Sure.


Happy birthday, Bass, and may you slap or swim.


Happy Mardi Gras and merry birthdays to the purple prince and the blue bomber. Fuckin cheers. EDIT: AND THE MUSCLE MAN HIMSELF.


It does get slowed down by fouls, and no one likes commercials, but basketball is the most videogame-y sport in terms of watching a ball game.


Midnight jam? Yea, sure. [yes I know it isn't actually live]


Alright, I don't know if anyone can help on this, cuz everywhere I look it's sold out, but last night I misplaced my 1996 Wendy's Shark Wallet. If anyone can get any leads at any point please let me know.


Sonic movie pickup line worked, now I just gotta convince her to dress up like Rouge the Bat.


Demon Slayer is beautiful, but the sense of humor and obnoxious moments are god-awful.


Shoutout to the sweet angel, Neronium, for making a 10 year old P1SS' dreams come true XOXO


Anybody getting drug tested? I have some fre$h P1SS.


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