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Why has it taken me this long to discover Sparks' "Kimono My House"? Idk, but better late than never.


The Suicide Squad was a damn good time. Also, I <3 Ratcatcher 2.


Nick’s controlling tendencies came to the surface, and he began to yell at dear Sasha, lover of jellyfish. Sasha calmly approached Nick with a knife, which we have no idea how long this lover of Cnidarian was carryin’.


#adtoid I just saw an ad for Star Trek: Lower Decks, which I never knew existed. I have some muhfuckin opinions on that, but whatever. People seem to like it and I haven't watched it; I will let these opinions float away.


LaPlace is now a wasteland, but somehow the family house just got a little bit of water and minimal damage. Most of our friends and their families were not as lucky. Time to be strong and be there for them. Thank y'all for listening to my worries.


Happy birthday to an awesome, amazing dude! Thanks for being the rad individual that you are.


Everyone, give me your energy! A hurricane's a-comin'


You know what I like? SMT 3: Nocturne. You know what I don't like? CAT 3: Ida.


So I didn't get Splatoon when it came out because I thought it was only gyro controls. I regret that immensely. I bought it for $15 recently (I still don't have a Switch) and was actually able to find an online match. This game is the shit!


The only nostalgia I really have for RE3 was being completely freaked out and totally enamored with the cover as a 7 y/o. So despite people's sometimes lukewarm reception to RE3make, I had a great time.


That melodic percussion setup is genuinely fucking awesome.


Also, in the vein of #covertoid... I despise the use of breathy, melodramatic covers (usually rock/alt) in trailers.


One thing that I love about One Piece is how every significant character has their own ridiculous laugh.


What if Sandbag was the last Smash character? And a happy birthday to the birthday people!


Oh happy day... A special surprise inclusion from the wonderful Jetter Mars on the most appropriate of days. It comes with multiple accessories!


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