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RIP Lance Reddick, but also RIP to Fuzzy Haskins- a founding member of Funkadelic.


Case of the Mondays. Yall be great, and happy birthday to the lovable, talented Alphadeus! Cheers!


Cereza and The Lost Demon is absolutely gorgeous. There are some neat ideas in there as well. It might even be a good game if it would just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET ME PLAY. It's charming and relxing. I want it, but $60? No way, José.


The Pop Group influenced The Birthday Party who influenced The Jesus Lizard who influenced every 00's/'10s and later noisy group of nerdy sleazeballs. And that for sure ain't a bad thang.


Recently started Pokémon Scarlet and in the first area I saw a Psyduck bill in a boulder. Laughed, almost left, but said fuck it and decided to try to battle it. Out popped a shiny Psyduck- it is now mine.


Not to diminish anyone's fears/traumas/etc., but I never really got arachnophobia. But hey, I'm scared of heights, so I ain't judging.


I will never get over the fact that Spectacular Spider-Man was cancelled.


The girl that I'm seeing is a Cancer (neither of us are big on signs, but it's a solid jumping off point), so I decided to slap this together. Holly is my nickname, btw. Happy V-day, babes.


I think my least favorite thing about Return to Dreamland Deluxe is that they're still rocking with the very questionable DeDeDe-sign from Forgotten Land. I actually really like the black outlines; it reminds me of 3DS Smash. Very stylish, imo.


Footbawl time. My team ain't there, but nothing like seeing some dudes get sweaty and bang around with some balls.


I'm not fond of AI stuff (except Allen Iverson), but this is a damn good piss take.


It's Carnival season and the good doctor is always there for you!


Toaster take... blueberry is the best pop tart.


From the bits of HiFi Rush that I've seen... Don't use vocals as rhythm markers, and maybe don't use vocals at all? Just make the beat and maybe noises the 1. Vocals suck in all games that aren't Nier. I'm feeling argumentative; I haven't even played it.


Date night 2 was a success! Infinity Pool was... aight


I sharted when I walked to the bar, had to ditch my boxers and wipe like a fiend. Thankfully she wasn't there yet. I was able to use that bit as an endearing story after a couple drinks.


Date night rocked socks! Doing it again soon.


Date tomorrow for the first time since COVID (egads!). Little bar hopping, Chewbacchus parade (sci-fi nerd krewe), and capping it off with a concert. I am hella nervous, but very excited.


There are two things I want at the end of my life... What kind of wild shit is really out there in the universe and what the hell did dinosaurs and prehistoric flora+fauna really look (and sound!) like in motion- I wanna see and hear 'em.


Revisited Pixies' first three albums in a drunken haze; fell back in love and reconnected with a part of myself that went missing.


Mitsuru is best girl, you uncultured swine. Oh and uuuuhhh happy bday to the Wes that causes a mess.


Happy Birthday, Z! Hope you have a ball!


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