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I am very curious as to how that Mustachioed Wonder, Mr. Sam Shenanigans, is feeling about AC6.


Because cohost clearly doesn't respect the aesthetic superiority of underscores, my handle is PLANET-P1SS-69


@cockaroach DM me or hit me up on discord or whatever, whatever. We must say hello and enjoy the show!


Lanky Kong should have been in Smash. He needs to come back in some kind of capacity.


Birthday dinner with a swell gal and family (bonus pic of food in comments)


Shin Kamen Rider was a pretty dang fun time at the movies.


"Uh-HYUCK! It's the end times, Mickey!"


Dinner date. The drink is Roku Gin with Awa Yuki sparkling sake anf fresh lemon.


I prefer the first game, but Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness is a blast


Been playing "co-op" in Scarlet/Violet. It's really chill and lotsa fun. Do i have a crazy amount of issues with the company, crunch, and capitalism? Yes. Could it be significantly better? Yes. I guess I'm part of the problem, but it's fun to zone out.


I have never played these games, mentioned it once, and my girlfriend came over with a lovely surprise.


Got to see some gnarly ass bands called Teratoma and Eviscerated Zombie Tampon. Bloody, volatile stage shows. Loved it. Then saw Evil Dead Rises to cap off the weekend. Twas a very enjoyable freak fest.


Sorry for the double post, but I saw something very troubling on IG. An artist made a weird animal hybrid, and people in the comments (in disbelief at this wondrous creature) were saying, "surely, this is AI?! 😅" Fuck em. Fuck it all. BURN IT DOWN.


Happy birthday to one of my very biggest influences. Stay freaky, folks.


Ya know what games nailed an anime aesthetic with freshness and respect to earlier thangs? The MMBN series. And the character portraits were great. Perfect weeb-y cyberpunk aesthetic, imo. Nails the cute/cool/goofy combo.


Why in the absolute fuck are hateful people so hard up against trans individuals?! Let people live their lives; YOU PEOPLE (the bigots) are the ones making things worse. Ya fuckin pieces of shit. Goddamn.


Damn. Just found out that Ryuichi Sakamoto passed yesterday. RIP to a bona fide legend, innovator, and all-around awesome artist.


Dinner and a drag/burlesque show with horror-themed ice cream was an excellent night to take a goddamn break from work.


Was stuck at work, forgot about eShop closing (like an idiot), did not get "Attack of the Friday Monsters!" because I'm a procrastinating piece of shit. Lesson learned. Buuuuuuuhhhhhhh


Oh and here's a picture of me being *mildly* vain- sorry for the double post.


I don't feel like eatin, if I'm being honest; I just feel like skeetin, and writin a few sonnets.


I'm not super fond of DeDeDe's current design.


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