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Is Super Mario Bros. 3 the best looking NES game? The aesthetic is so clean sometimes I forget it's NES. Always really loved Mega Man as well, the huge enemy sprites always made me feel like it was a cartoon come to life.


Does anyone have experience with working in QA for games? What'd you think? I've heard it's tedious, but it's something I'd like to give a shot if I possibly could.


Also completely forgot about that "ur favorite game sux" shitpost I made 2 weeks ago. Your favorite game is a reflection of your beauty and good taste you're all wonderful bbys


Worked for 7 days, 2 days off. Just laying around feeling bummed out. Wanted to look for a new job, but no real motivation. Wish the all the resting I'm doing actually felt restful. 7 more days ahead.


Tell me your favorite game. I'll tell u that it sucks and why


As much as I want BotW 2 to be great, I'm also kind of hoping for a DMC 2 situation. Is that wrong?


Go fuck yourself San Diego.


It is done. After like 2 hours on King Dice, I somehow beat the Devil within 5 minutes. Honestly couldn't believe it when it happened.


S ranked a later stage boss first try on Cuphead this morning, just King Dice and the Devil himself left.


Cuphead. You might think I was done, but there's still S Ranking every boss, which is no-hit clearing each on Expert.


Downloaded the RE4 HD mod, looks real nice, and now it looks like I'm going to play through Resident Evil 4 for the 10th or so time.


Down to the Devil for no-hit clears on all bosses in Cuphead. Spent a good 2 hours, with one heartbreaker of last millisecond damage before Knockout, but not there yet. Tomorrow when I'm fresh I'll finally get it.


So like, the animation in the Cuphead Show is really good. Y'all really expected it to be on par with the game? The DLC that was announced a full year earlier than the show isn't even out yet.


I watch like 1 show a year, and this year it was Ranking of Kings. I thought the first few episodes were incredible, but as it went on I was disappointed to learn that it's an anime. More thoughts in the comments.


PSA: If you've been playing Wordle you can save the site to your desktop and play it offline as it is now for years to come, no matter what NYT tries to do with it in the future. They'll probably throw a wrench in that soon so do it while you can.


Anyone got any favorite art books they'd recommend for a non-gamer? I know this isn't Google, but I trust y'all on this one.


Hot take: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk looks dope but is a terrible name for a game. Everytime I have thought about it, or it's come up in conversation, I've had to Google it just to remember what it was called.


I made a thing for a friend of a friend, I was asked to make his mains from two different smash games. Actually kinda happy with it.


I had to kill a couple hours this morning in NYC, and guess who I saw? It's Spiderman! Turns out he lives in a cute little neighborhood called Chelsea! Who knew??


Sometimes I get really bothered by the ugly truth that everyone I know is just another pee and poop cannon, and will project their wretched waste at a moments notice. What's most disheartening is that I am doomed to the same, inescapable fate.


The ads on Dtoid still suck. Just a reminder.


Sayonara Wild Hearts is probably my favorite game this year, and I was finally able to complete Donkey Kong Country 2 and Super Metroid after years of false starts. Had a good time with you this year, you kinky little machine.


Anyone remember when Gunpei Yokoi died after his departure from Nintendo? Or when Iwata passed away shortly after the failure of the Wii U? Or the Nintendo Ninjas stalking Etika?


I'm competing at Mainstage today in two events. Going to wash out of pools but I'm looking forward to it.


Happy birthday Chris Moyse. I hope you see a dog today.


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