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Late night pajama party status:


Current status: I took an ibuprofen


Blob coming tomorrow.


Nightmare status:


Current status:


Excurrent lattice:


Present status:


Lazy Sunday status:


Currant statice:


Current Thursday status:


Pee Wee’s gone :(


Current status: I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen ice


Just thinking about the good ole days, and how I used to see this car all the time. Glad I can at least find a picture to prove that I’m not crazy. F


Current Status: what the hell am I watching


Spirit animal status:


Current status: what in termination?


Current status: I need a unit.


I’m gonna be busy tomorrow, so I wanted to post this now before I forget. 😘


Late Night Funky Friday Status:


Incoming Transmission:


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I appreciate them greatly. Pic Unrelated


Currant stratus:


Current Status:


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