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Binding of Isaac: Repentance finally has a PC launch date! March 31st. I hope the switch port (if that's still a thing) happens this year, but I don't know if that's a realistic hope to have. Welp.


I like this song. It's strangely nostalgic hearing English anime opening covers, which helps a bit... Some of the ones I remember like it was yesterday are 10+ years old now. Welp.


Scoob and Shag was a fun read. Didn't expect the art to evolve quite that much as it progressed. Finished it and some of the other suggested comics, currently on Ava's Demon. The art is fantastic. Hopefully I can learn from it, at least a little.


Can anyone recommend some decent webcomics, preferably story-driven? Doesn't matter if they're game-related or not. (Yes, I could and will google it later, but that's not quite the same.)


Huh. Switch is getting a new monster hunter next year, along with a sequel to the "stories" spinoff. Not sure how to feel about the former. Will depend on what QoL changes, if any, are implemented from World. I suppose we'll see one way or the other.


For a song based on a game I have no interest in, this is pretty damn catchy. It's been a while since I posted on qtoid... Hope you're all doing as well as circumstances allow. Still working through a lot of things, but hanging in there.


I wanted to share this video. Keep on being your kick-ass selves. Even when I can't think of anything to say, I'm grateful for this site and its community. That is all.


Might as well give this a try.


Almost done with Kamen Rider Kuuga. Oldest series in the franchise I'd seen before was Blade. Neat to see what things did and didn't become traditional meta-series tropes. More relevant: Enter the Gungeon remains good. Try it out.


Finally beat Dead Cells with a boss cell active, after more runs than I care to know. Not sure if I have the patience or reflexes for 2BC and beyond, but I look forward to finding out... Eventually.


I can't speak for yesterday or tomorrow, but today is a good day so far. Sometimes that is enough. Picture unrelated.


BoB: Making of a Hero / "Henshin!"

Boxman's farewell prompt to the band of bloggers deal asked a very good question. What makes a heroic character ... heroic? It's a complicated question, so I believe it deserves a complicated answer. My answer is this: Every hero's ac...


I'm starting to understand artists who call layers a crutch. They have their place and are certainly needed in specific contexts, but what I was doing (like a dozen or more layers for one drawing) didn't work in the slightest. Only made me anxious.


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