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I feel like I'm in this mental limbo where I don't want to do very much. Despite knowing doing little makes my anxiety and depression issues worse. But it still takes far more effort to do anything other than watch streams than I would like. Bah.


Dunno how I feel about the randomization yet, but Sundered sure is pretty.


If like me you're interested in metroidvanias for the exploration and not the combat difficulty, give rusted moss a look. Some accessibility options make that side of the game a lot easier.


The original form of Desktop Dungeons is now free on Steam until the 25th. I hit a roadblock at one point and couldn't advance further, but it's a solid puzzle title with a lot to offer. Check it out.


Bow before Groufairy's majesty.


Seeing it streamed a few times convinced me to give pokemon infinite fusion a shot. Enjoying it so far. Let chaos reign.


Sundered is dirt cheap for the next couple days, has anyone played it enough to have an opinion on it?


Uhoh. Bravely Default 2 has a previously unknown to me card minigame. I sense a great deal of impending distraction.


Dying Light 1: Enhanced Edition is the current Epic freebie. I never intended to buy it, but I might as well check it out sometime I guess.


After a couple stability patches, I gave 9 Years of Shadows another shot. Got past the first boss and gave a second one an attempt or two. I just don't think I'm in the mindset for this kind of game right now. More in comments.


I dunno that I'll get to them any time soon, but on a whim I bought the first two Atelier Ryza games on steam.


At the credits for A Realm Reborn. Again. Heavensward, here we come.


9 Years of Shadows, recommended by our resident bear of slime, is off to a strong start. I would have expected and preferred it to have a leveling system, based on the aesthetic, but it's still pretty good so far.


Looking forward to this beauty. It'll be a while, but still.


Got my first Relic Weapon in Final Fantasy 14! The Artemis bow for the bard. Probably wasn't worth the effort, but it's pretty, so I'll put time into upgrading it anyway.


That's a wrap on A Realm Reborn. That leaves the not-so-small matter of literally all the other content. I am both excited and intimidated.


Suck it, Rhitahtyn, you iron-clad fuckface. Woo!


Hit a bit of a wall in one of the story quests of FF14. Boss can one shot me in phase 2 if I don't get out of the way in time. Think I need to raise another class that's tankier?


After a bit of confusion that I assumed was user error, turns out the 8bitdo ultimate controller only supports bluetooth for switch, and needs to be used wired or with an included 2.4G dongle on PC. Would have been nice if that was clearer in advertising.


I've been playing almost nothing but FF14. It is a dangerous game, but an entertaining one. Here's my Bard, Kaldur, with his chocobo friend. Their name is Zephyr.


I unlocked the chocobo in FF14 just now. I am so happy to have that over with.


Liking my new start on FF14 so far. Can't wait to unlock mount use again. Forgot that was a thing, honestly, was mildly disappointed to remember it.


Downloading Final Fantasy 14. This may be a mistake, but at least it'll be a fun mistake.


If you pre-ordered RE4 Remake Collector's Edition at Gamestop, you should probably check on that. Kotaku reported on a lot of orders being canceled, and that has been corroborated by gamestop themselves.


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