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https://cohost.org/Cyclone-Joker Still probably going to hang around here, if in a reduced frequency, but I'll be there too.


Avast blocked some malware at destructoid from "infinite-scroll-system.gamurs.workers.dev" , not sure where that should be mentioned


New Dragon Quest Monsters and Silent Hope look good. Probably picking both of those up at some point.


I started Warframe for the first time (on PC, played a while on switch) on the Paradox Path. I have no idea what I'm doing. It's pretty though.


@jobejoe : Trying this again. I haven't been able to contact you for the key because there are several people with similar names. Post a direct link to your steam profile in the comments if you can. My steam name is silvaofwind , will contact from there


@jobejoe : If you see this, post your steam profile in the comments. That way I can add you to the friends list and message you the Blasphemous key I owe you.


Sending a steam key for Blasphemous to the first person who asks nicely in the comments. Got it from a bundle, not really interested in it myself.


Good morning everyone, how are you today? (Image Source Unknown, found it on reddit, credits were a nonexistent twitter)


After finishing chapter 1, first impressions of Astilibra Revision are strong. Simple but effective combat, good art style, some item crafting to do. It's nice to play something that feels like a passion project.


Posting content warnings for the new horror game Decarnation in the comments for anyone who'd want to be forewarned.


Picked up Astilibra Revision now that it has a better English translation. Looking forward to seeing what it's like.


Had a good run with Apollyon going in Binding of Isaac, but fizzled out at Satan. Lost too much health during the run to survive. I would have accepted losing to Mega Satan, but regular Satan? Sad.


Book 3, Hallowed Harvest, harvested. Three down, three to go.


There's a dupe trick in ToTK I'm capable of doing. Under "update" in this article: https://kotaku.com/zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-diamond-duplication-glitch-1850460897


It seems like a cruel parody that Tears has an armor set for slip resistance and it barely seems to do anything.


So far I prefer Tears of the Kingdom to Breath of the Wild. Enemy damage is a bit batshit, though.


Tears of the Kingdom is cool but man, armor is expensive and finding gems seems harder than in BoTW.


Kinda pissed. Paid for release-day delivery on amazon for Zelda, kept watching the shipping information, now it pulls a switch and says it'll be here tomorrow. Bleh.


Every time I forget that liking a game and being good at it are two separate things, the binding of isaac is there to remind me. Must...git...good...


Finally picked up I Was A Teenage Exocolonist since it was on sale. It was well-reviewed here, looking forward to exploring it.


My only real complaint now that I'm done with Cassette Beasts is I wish there was more of it. Still, there's something to be said for an experience with no excess.


New cat swatted over Wing Gundam again. What do you have against Heero, Margey? Tell me.


Thirteen and a half hours into Cassette Beasts. Safe to say I like it.


Don't know yet how I'll feel about it in the long run, but Cassette Beasts immediately won me over when my "starter" was a ghost sheep thing.


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