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I found this at a thrift store for pretty cheap. It's my first model. I feel like this is the beginning of a slippery slope.


Happy Birthday Soulbow! You better have a good one!


Happy belated birthday to SpikeyWiggedHero and AtomicBanana! I hope you both had great days.


In England, booster shot is spelt "borcestershire shot".


Happy birthday streetmagik3! A little late but I hope you've had a great day!


Happy birthday to MeanderBot and Vesalius!


Another 80s Wizard pondering his orb:


Why do people talk to me when I'm wearing headphones? You see the headphones but you still think I want to listen to you. Gah!


You can learn a lot about a culture from language. Eskimo-Aleut has about 50 words for snow. English has more than 50 synonyms for vomit.


Happy birthday Zoey! Hope you get to spend some time today doing things you like to do.


Happy birthday NeoTurbo! Hope you have a great day!


Happy birthday Deadmoon and Sam!


Have a happy birthday DeScruff!


This just in, mint chutney and perogies make a great combination. Anyone else try unusual combos just for the hell of it?


Happy birthday, Mike. Because of you I tried Carl's Jr. I hope you have a wonderful day.


I've never gotten very far in Baldur's Gate but this time is different! Anyone suggest a begginers build?


Happy birthday to you and your sister GM! I hope you guys share a great birthday.


Happy Birthday Inquisitive Ravenclaw. You're a swell guy and I hope you have a great day.


A local news source posted about a woman injured in a hit and run complete with police car, ambulance and siren emojis. I thought of Gaj's dank memes and laughed.


Happy Birthday Retrofraction!


We didn't even get the Batman Who Laughs.


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