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Hello humons. Am posted new blog. Am telling you of it. Consider reading for your pleasures. Link ams below...


Iron Moose Awards 2022

 Game of the Year Awards... Basically Hello and welcome to the first annual Iron Moose Awards! Join our three esteemed judges – Oswald the Moose (‘THE,' not 'a'), Gaming Guru, and the inimitable Betsu Nomono – a...


Hello there beautiful people. You should check out my new blog -- if you've the time. In it, I say things. While intoxicated, no less! "How can you be intoxicated in a blog," you inquire. Click the link in the comments to find out. Or...don't. You do you.


'Ello peeps. Technical difficulties are annoying. Is anyone else having trouble inserting pics into a blog, or is that just me...? On multiple browsers... On multiple devices... Utilizing the holy powers of multiple deities...


If you could design your perfect man cave/she shed/non-binary domain, what would it look like?


Hello fellow interneters. I'm known as a moose of principle and integrity. Which is why I've come to you to shamelessly plug my latest blog! Follow the link below; witness me review things. SEVERAL things. To varying degrees of efficacy. Fun right? Right!


Do you think the universe is built around a yin-yang of explosion/implosion? Like, the life of the universe is cyclical, framed around the expansion from a Big Bang event that eventually reconsolidates matter to a single point before Big Banging again?


Review With a Moose | Bullwinkle Blitz

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Detail My Esoteric Ratings System No, we’re not reviewing some game you’ve never heard of. Bullwinkle Blitz is just an on-brand subtitle for a rapid review rush. Maybe its being opaque...


Watch The Rehearsal! Do you think there's such a thing as a true, uncompromised, sincere self? That underneath all the social expectations and roleplay, each individual has a static core? Or is social roleplay an inherent, inescapable aspect of the self?


Yesterdays Dall-E requests in the comments below.


YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS, B****!!!!! I got an invite for Dall-E 2! (AI generated art) If y'all give me some prompts, I'll post another q.post tomorrow with the results. "oil painting of a utopian society wherein humanity has collectively self-actualized."


So there's this genie--right? Yadda, yadda, three wishes. You know how it goes. The catch: if you make a wish they've heard before, you gain nothin' and lose that wish. Also, Genie punches you as hard as they can in your balls/tits. What do you wish for?


The Greatest Generation. The Silent Generation. Boomers. Gen X. Millennials. Zoomers. (Let's just say there's a yet-to-be-defined 'Covid Generation'). Which generation do you admire the most and why?


Saw TLoU:P1 thing. Dunno what warrants positivity when it validated criticisms. Accessibility and tweaked animations are cool, though. Rolled my eyes at talking up 3D audio. Question time! What context, circumstance and/or execution justifies a remake?


Is there such a thing as 'objectively good/bad'? Or is quality ALWAYS a subjective matter?


Do you think countries should have systems to encourage frequent constitutional amendments? Would that just be a dangerous pandora's box? Is it better to stick to the original document -- assuming it's competent and democratic -- as closely as possible?


What's the most beautiful thing/s in existence? When the Sun's rays hit the atmosphere just right? That mutual warmth when staring into the eyes of a loved one? Seeing a faith restoring act of kindness or community? The way paper towels drink water?


Humans are social by nature, hence we tend to function better together. However, most of us have an inherent desire for self-thought. Imagining a spectrum with individuality and collectivism at its polar ends, where would society's ideal placement be?


What would a true utopian society look like in your opinion? Would humanity, with its instinctual proclivities and nature, ever be able to realize your utopian ideal?


So let's say an angel comes before you. It presents a device; it has a single button. The angel tells you every press of the button will cure 10 terminally ill people, but, in exchange, a single sinner will instantly be killed. Would you press the button?


Are you emotionally invested in the cycle of video game hype (previews, presentations, leaks,etc.)? If not -- i.e., you're just reasonably excited for games with little care for all that noise -- why not? If yes, do you enjoy it or is it just a habit?


About RoomWithaMooseone of us since 5:57 AM on 03.03.2016

In lieu of a bio with actual sentences (ha, sentences. How quaint), I've made you, dear reader, a list. Why? 'Cause lists are popular. What's the list of? You sure do ask a lot of questions...

30. Samurai Jack
29. Clair De Lune
28. Full Metal Alchemist
27. FLCL
S. "S" is for Shadow of the Colossus
26. Ostriches
25. The Most Extreme
25 (cont.). That green dude that runs past all the animals at the end
24. Starry Night
23. Scary Godmother -- JK... Hookwinked
23, but for real. Wall-E
22. The entire MCU
21. The Irony of Fate (an actually good movie)

All right, let's take a break from the list. Time for the RoomWithaMoose bio interim awards!

Best Line I've Ever Heard:
"The air smells different... brighter somehow."

Favorite Thing I'm Not Sure I Should Still Like:

IP Most Deserving of Being Revamped and Subsequently Ruined by Hollywood:

Song That Makes Me Feel More Than I Think It Should:
Rainbow Connection

Joke That Gets Me Every Time:
"I'm bleeding... making me the victor."

Now, back to the show.

20. The Spock hand sign thing
19. The church scene in Kingsman
18. Saitama v. Boros
17. Gogeta v. Broly
16000. Batman v. Superman
16. Scooby-Doo (the character; the shows are terrible)
15. Scrooge (the movie; the character is terrible)
14. The Simpsons
K. "K" is for Kirby's Epic Yarn
13. Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy
Ω. Kratos
12. Steven Universe
11. Grannys
µ. Mew

I wasn't going to do it again, but I just liked the idea so much. Behold, the second annual awards ceremony!!!

Mega-Hit Franchise I Never Cared About:
Harry Potter

Most Stuck-In-My-Head Slogan or Phrase:
"I'm caca for Cocoa Puffs."

Most Powerful Mary Sue of All Time:
Walker, Texas Ranger

Greatest Surrogate Sitcom Family:
The Alf One... Because of Alf

Greatest Occupation of All Time:
Teenage Mutant Ghostbuster Turtle

Before we get back to the proceedings, I think I need to clarify something. When I ranked "Grannys" at 11, it may have been misconstrued as an affinity for older women. I assure you, I did not mean 'Granny' as in the label for certain people. I was referring to M. domestica × M. sylvestris, more commonly called the granny smith apple. Yeah, that's right you creep -- probably inferring I've some kind of fetish... Now that that's clear, on to the top 10.

10. Seinfeld
9. Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time
8. Hot Fuzz
7. Everything Everywhere All at Once
6. The Bit. Trip

--I'm sorry, I've still a feeling you've an inkling of suspicion about the whole granny thing. Don't try to deny it. You know what? FINE.

11. Oranges

Freakin' reader... See what you made me do!

B. "B" is for Battlefront 2 (the good one)
5. Halo Combat Evolved
4. I Can't Decide, So [Insert Mario Game Here]
3. Half-Life 2/ Metroid Prime (this is hard, okay)
B. "B" is for Banjo-Kazooie (What? I did B already? ...Nah)
2. The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
1. It's Such a Beautiful Day...
A. "A" is for apple. Maybe it's the tart and green type -- I don't know. I can't say, because someone RUINED IT.

Honorable Mention:
O' Fearless Reader -- that's you! I know, I know, I'm very sweet. You might even be more than an HM if it wasn't for your off-putting fixation with "Grannys." Weirdo...