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Finally got around to playing Paradise Killer and The Last Campfire. Both were great. PK had an interesting world to explore and a fun mystery to unravel. TLC was a clever, cute little adventure that was just the right length. I would recommend both.


CW finally pulled the plug on that live action Powerpuff Girls show. Now if we can get them to pull the plug on Gotham Knights we can begin to heal.


Buying Disaster Report 4 was the best thing I've done in some time. I've been working on my backlog to clear up space on my Switch to download it. I should be able to play it in just a few more games. Soon....very soon...


An update to my last post. Allegedly the next Mortal Kombat game will literally be called Mortal Kombat 1. Not just "Mortal Kombat" the "1" is apparently part of the title. Whoever is in charge of titles at NRS apparently used to name the Xboxes.


Ed Boon put out a teaser-y thing of a clock going from 11 to 1, completely skipping 12. People have already assumed this is teasing a reboot of MK after MK11 which...yeah...duh...did everyone just forget how MK11 ended, how else would the next game go?


Apparently in honor of GotG 3's release the Squeenix GotG game is 70% off on Steam until May 11. I was genuinely surprised at how good the game was when I played in on PS5. Probably one of the best comic book games I have ever played. Highly recommended.


Randomly found out Disaster Report 4 is on sale for $20 ($60 normally) on the US Switch eShop. Also that it has a dozen or so free DLC outfits. Kinda forgot that game actually made it stateside so gonna have to snatch it on the cheap.


2D Action/Adventure game with embroidered character "sprites". Takes inspiration from slavic folklore. Coming to Steam and Switch. Looks pretty neat.


The More You Know


I promise if you think you know what this video is about, you don't.


Final Space fans rejoice! In a rare moment of lucidity WBD has allowed the creator to use the license to finish the story. Won't release until 2024 at the earliest but still, great news! EDIT: Forgot to mention, it's a graphic novel, not animation.


Wish I'd caught this sooner but In Sound Mind is on sale on the US eshop for $5.24. Normally $40 and it is the Digital Deluxe version that comes with the soundtrack (which is excellent). I truly love this game and feel that $5ish is a steal. 1 day left.


One thing the Battle Network Collection should have done was include a way to skip the battle tutorial sections because holy shit I forgot how tedious it is to go through it for every single game.


Konami should make a 2D sidescrolling game where you fight monsters in Dracula's castle.


I wish I had the ability to trick companies into giving me stuff.


It's a shame we never got a Green Arrow game. Also a shame WB are so far gone as a company I wouldn't want it if they made one anymore.


Fingers crossed for Jenny LeClue 2 and a release date for Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.


Beat Bayonetta Origins last night. No exaggeration, in the running for my personal GOTY. I had a great time with it and would definitely recommend it. I am ashamed I ever doubted it. Some thoughts in the comments.


Nightcrawler's becoming a Spider-Man...I'm upset I'm so down for this.


I...may have been too harsh/skeptical of TotK*. I've been pretty pessimistic lately (pretty sure it's been seasonal depression). New trailer makes it look like it'll be a pretty epic game. Maybe even the first AAA game in a long time worth the hype.


Okay I'll be honest, I cracked and bought Bayonetta Origins and...it might be more worthy of the $60 price tag than Bayonetta 3 to me (though tbf I spent $90 on Bayonetta 3 like an idiot).


I feel like the Mario movie is going to be one of those movies that is perfectly fine but I'll end up hating purely because people who enjoy it can't just enjoy, they'll demand everyone else does as well (this is not about anyone here).


I can't believe we live a world where I'm excited for a Barbie film.


So I recently learned that Capcom has established an entire women's pro-wrestling league in the Street Fighter universe as part of Rainbow Mika's background. WHERE THE HELL IS THIS SPIN OFF GAME, CAPCOM?!?


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