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So about my post yesterday. I know no one really like got mad about it, but I still want to apologize for posting something spoiler-y. Because I had no interest in the movie I didn't consider that others would, and that's on me. I'm sorry.


How's your day going?


The more you know!


My local theatre is finally getting Everything, Everywhere, All At Once so I can finally see it. Going to have to wait til Sunday, but I'm pretty hyped.


Someone got tired of waiting for Nintendo to make a new Wario Land and just decided to make their own.


I just found out they apparently added Godzilla and King Kong to Call of Duty?!?! How the fuck did this fly that low under the radar?


Tried a chicken/sriracha/honey flatbread pizza today. It was really good.


Also, slightly related to my last post but can we bring back giving fighting game characters action game spin offs? C. Viper's whole secret agent backstory would lend itself well to an action game and I'd kill for a Scorpion spin off.


Hot take: Capcom should not make any more Street Fighter characters. There is already so many it is impossible to create a roster that makes fans happy. Also they peaked with Juri and Crimson Viper. Designs can only go downhill from here on out.




Why do birds run at a lower frame rate than other animals?


Holy Musical B@man! is great and you should all watch it.


Call your moms (unless you have a good reason not to).


Reject All Might, become Groot.


Finally got around to that Guardians of the Galaxy game. Pretty good all in all. It had its faults but at the core it had a solid gameplay and a fun story. Would recommend.


Apparently if you have Nintendo Switch Online you can play Dragon Quest Builders 2 for free from now through April 26th. I'd say it's definitely worth giving a try. I love the game and can see no downside for getting to try the whole thing for free.


I hate that two of my most anticipated games are fucking Craftopia and Palworld. Why do I desire such obvious trash?


Not gonna share Day 17's poem because it's about holiday traditions and is a real bummer and I don't want to ruin anyone's day. Just know that I totally did write one. I would never lie to you.


Day 16. Tried something weird today. Hope it works.


Day 15. All hail the Backlog.


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