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Direct prediction: It'll end with $70 pricing being confirmed and within 24 hours fanboys will have convinced themselves it's not only necessary it's actually good, Nintendo has blessed us by charging ten dollars more HALLELUJAH!!


I cannot wait until they announce that Metroid Prime remake, now for the low, low price of US $70...


Despite knowing it's a pipe dream, there is a part of me that really wants Hi-Fi Rush to do for video games what Spider-verse did for animated films. Just please games industry, make more games that are just fun and complete at launch.


Seeing people reply to the news that Redfall will require a constant internet connection to play single player with, "So what? That's every modern game!" has made me lose hope in the youth. They are too stupid.


Dude made the Chao Garden a standalone game.


Beat Wavetale. Fun game. Brief. But fun. Controlled really well and looked very nice. The story was not exactly the most original I've ever heard, but it was told well enough. And there were some clever ideas and just a lot of fun to be had. Recommended.


Started playing a game called Aspire: Ina's Tale. Bit of a cross between Gris and Limbo. Beautiful art. Some of the mechanics are a bit finicky (or I just suck, who can say?). Been enjoying it so far. EDIT: Shoulda mentioned, on sale US eshop for $2 rn.


Oh for fuck's sake they are only soft rebooting the DCEU. Recasting the characters but continuing the already flawed and messy storyline. Fucking New 52 all over again.


Had the startling realization that we never got a proper TMNT RPG video game. That feels wrong. Who do I have to talk to to rectify this injustice?


Holy shit this show looks like a mess. And why does it share a name with the game if it's so different?


Finally got around to watching The Bad Guys and if Sony wanted to revisit that Sly Cooper film I think now would be the time.


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is doing a collab with a fashion company? I mean it tracks but it's also odd.


So allegedly this is what that Velma show is about. So yeah if the trend of "take a thing for kids but make it for adults (adults in this context being shitty teens)" could just fucking die in a fire already.


The worst thing about the Uncharted movie was they had a chance to give us more Eddy Raja and they just didn't.


The Batman x Hotline Miami


Sometimes I miss movies getting tie-in games. There were some gems in that pile of shit.


Apparently this is happening?! And it just flew right under the radar! Holy fuck they are finally making a sequel to the 2013 Evil Dead, what the hell?!


Saw Glass Onion at my friends' house last night. Enjoyed it a lot. Pic related.


I beat Ragnarok. Without saying too much I found it underwhelming. Decent game, had a lot of good moments, but I just don't think it lived up to the hype for me.


If you could only recommend ONE game that you played in 2022, what would it be?


Probably should have mentioned this when it happened but I saw Violent Night last week. Dumb movie. Loved it. Will probably add it to the holiday watch list for years to come. Hope they make more. And I hope each one rips off the corresponding Die Hard.


Someone please get this to Rian Johnson's attention ASAP.


Beat Dragon Quest Treasures. Enjoyed it. Not sure I'd recommend tho. It's extremely short with most of the meat being exploring. Very little actually happens, plot-wise. If the gameplay loop doesn't grab you then there's nothing for you here.


I feel like Pokemon Scarlet/Violet have been out long enough that I can ask this (in the comments though still because I know not everyone has gotten through it) and get some decent responses.


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