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Wrapped The Medium - what a great game. The Maw sections were the only real low point consistently, everything else was really cool, well made, well acted, a horror-themed adventure game basically. Torn between 8.5/9 out of 10.


Y’all were right, Jackass 3 was a gem…but goddamn if that lambo tooth pull didn’t send my nuts into my chest.


Just watched Jackass 2 for the first time and am absolutely going to watch 3 tomorrow. Jackass Forever may be what gets me to the theater for the first time in years. Haven’t laughed so hard in ages.


Sometimes a meme is both topical and also perfectly made for you. I don’t know who to credit but I love this.


Welp, The Medium leaves Game Pass on Feb 15 so I guess I have 2 weeks to jam through it. I hate time pressure :\


Dragged a little at the halfway point but otherwise Oxygen was a neat movie, interesting story, and a well-acted character piece I’d recommend. Guess I’m moving from geometric movies to elemental movies …


Man, Triangle was awesome. Thanks for the recommend Limo. Y’all go watch it. Amazon prime free w ads (which btw are very intrusive! lol). Don’t read anything about the movie. Just watch.


Playing through The Medium on XSX and really liking it so far. Maybe it’s the European vibes I always gel with. Playing on game pass but I think if I bought it for $30 I’d still feel good about it.


Idk if it worked fully yet but I have uncharted 4 from ps+ and bought lost legacy digital ages ago. The upgraded collection only showed a $10 price point for me - so maybe success?? Bump: I def for it for $10 across the board, nice!


Watched Underwater last night and it was surprisingly good and a fresh story. Definitely the “show, don’t tell” variety which really worked. Go in totally blind if possible. Do recommend and it’s a tight 94ish min.


Need soundbar setup help 😬 details in comments and any help massively appreciated! Bump: success!!! Didn’t want passthru on new systems but Switch is no biggie, so I’ve got switch > bar > tv, bar > eArc, and consoles direct and IT WORKS! Thanks!!


Yup, this was 2021. Once I beat Alan Wake I got a series x and it’s been all Xbox since then lol. I’m sure I’ve already passed these numbers on Halo alone.


Just watched Harrison Ford’s The Fugitive for the first time and I officially miss the 90s.


In happier news, Peacemaker is fucking golden. The intro is just *chef’s kiss*


Welp my mom has a “slow moving blood cancer” and is on chemo for the second time in a few years. Prognosis TBD. Thanks for nothing, 2022.


Game 1 of 2022, like some others - Death’s Door! Really lovely game, enjoyable, took about 9.5 hrs at 89% completion. No desire for postgame but loads of extra content still. Very recommend.


Awww shittttt now we Dtoid fireteaming out here.


It's the first week of January, which means Pat's posted his (checks notes) 2020 reading list in the cblogs! Look, bear with me. I'm trying! I have a 2019, 2020, and 2021 gaming blog to write still, and my 2021 reading blog. DONT RUSH ME.


Free code in comments for Jedi Fallen Order. EA Origin. Fun game!


Solo setup of the LG C1 65” was goddamn terrifying and took 2 full hours - probably half of that just staring at space and sweating my face off. Setup will have to wait til tomorrow. Goddamn that was stressful 😂😂😂


I lost a lot of my positivity and joy in 2020/2021, and my resolution is to get that back somehow. I’m not sure what that means but I struggle with being true to myself and saying what I want to the people in my life…so it’ll be a real one.


Happy or unhappy New Years, everyone. Fingers crossed for 2022. At least we’ve got each other 😂🤷🏻‍♂️


Here’s my top 5 games I beat this year in order. I completed half as many games as in 2020 but played much longer ones this year. Also Halo mp rekindled my love of competitive mp and also absolutely prevented me from finishing GotG this year 😂


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