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Since reviews aren’t in the wild yet, please give me all your Evil Dead Game takes. I’m hesitant on another asym mp game, but looooves Friday the 13th…when it worked 😑 Haven’t gotten into DBD at all bc of the grind tho.


Watched Prisoners of the Ghostland while continuing my Cage-athon. I have a high tolerance for his cheesy movies but man it was not at all good. Just all sorts of wacky and not in the Face/Off sense where there’s a solid movie behind it. Oof. Testes/10


Happy birthday Occams! I hope your orifices get whatever pleasure and/or torment you desire today, that you receive an abundance of bodily fluids to your heart's content, and have an easy molting out of last year's flesh suit. Love from Pat.


Maybe this is on brand but I must’ve fucked up on Instagram watching some rando video on people eating raw meat bc now all I get are vids by some dude The Liver King who eats bull testicles instead of vegetables and what even is real anymore.


Remedy remaking Max Payne 1 and 2 and I can die happy once I’ve played them. Link in comments. Absolutely the thing I’ve longed for all these years.


Just went to my first concert since COVID which, other than being a little uncomfortable, at least required masks and vax cards. I went from not knowing about Mitski yesterday to being a massive fan today. Amazing show.


Whyyyy can't I log in on the FPs anymore??? LOL. Ah well. HERE I AM, HERE I REMAIN.


Kinda dropped off my Sifu Logs…just back to say I beat it! Was struggling hard on level 2, which is a real skill check pain. But I was determined to beat this before playing Elden. I’ve run each level maybe 10 times. Might beat again.


Ahhhhhh I am in packing and moving hell and have no time for social shenanigans. Missing this bunch but I’m here lurking before I pass out each night 😂


Man, Sifu is breaking my balls. Got to 2nd level at 25 (I really don’t want to rerun the first level more), but then the 3rd at 50 😑 then got my ass handed to me by that 3rd boss. Def a tiring game sometimes esp when death compounds.


Happy birthday to Limo, Vxxy, and Jetter! Hope you have a day full of 24 hours, some form of weather, variations of food, and your desired amount of genital touching either by yourself or others!


I see you Buzzfeed article on dating red flags when people are superfans of certain movies. I used to show this movie to dates early on bc if they couldn’t handle it I’d dump them 🤷🏻‍♂️


Elden Ring Log: Keep your monstrosities. Mine is a mix of Sekiro, my love of blue hair, and inspired by some other faves 😂 Only played 30 min but spent an hour in character creation. I’m already hooked.


Extended family in Ukraine and everything just feels so fucked. Like we’re on a rapidly escalating decline since Feb 2020.


I almost wish Elden Ring would review terribly so I don't have to put my heart through the FromSoft experience again.


Yeah I loved the hell out of Peacemaker, but goddamn if Reacher isn’t the show I’ve been waiting for since I started reading these books back in the early 2000s. Fucking phenomenal and Alan Ritchson is *perfect*. I may have to watch this again.


Ughhhh now my dog’s in the ER. I’m just going to pack it in today and get back in bed. Bump: doc says she’s ok, no blockage or anything, is totally perplexed. Giving her meds and we’ll have her at home. Hope it’s just a bug or something.


Been quite a weekend. Our kids’ school burned down Friday night and I just cannot imagine another traumatic event in our lives. Anyway, thankful for this community. We’re doing ok but life is up in the air, their plans, etc. so trying to be there.


I’m willing to say Peacemaker is one of the best things on tv right now, and that’s saying a lot. Also that intro is def. the best intro of any show in recent memory. Don’t @ me.


Late to the jump, but just watched S1ep1 of Raised by Wolves and it was gnarly. Looking forward to digging in.


Getting antsy for something to play between now and Elden Ring…ECHO? Sifu? Nothing? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️


Given all the life happenings recently and upcoming move... I'm considering canceling my Elden Ring preorder. But perhaps I should just GIT GUD and enjoy playing on release with everyone. Currently teeing up articles to gauge difficulty :)


Wrapped The Medium - what a great game. The Maw sections were the only real low point consistently, everything else was really cool, well made, well acted, a horror-themed adventure game basically. Torn between 8.5/9 out of 10.


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