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Watched the first few episodes of Rings of Power. Lazy, shallow and entirely mediocre. There is some earnestness in a few of the individual performances but overall it's all teeming with corporate cynicism and corniness.


Congratulations to England's women's national football team. :)


Having a bit of a crisis of writing style and trying to add humour everywhere to give it some colour but it's beginning to feel like I'm trying to hard...Am I funny? Do I find myself funny? When is it too much? Example sentence in comments.


Can't decide which hair colour to give a character. Not something I expected to be struggling with.


Alright, published the first part of my short story on wattpad. Doesn't have a title yet and all that. If any of you have the time and interest to read it and comment on it, I'd be incredibly happy. Link in comments. Picture unrelated. Edit: Final bump


Finished the first chapter of a short story I'm writing. Would anybody be interested in reading it? If so, any suggestions where I should upload it? It's a little bit more than 6000 words.


In the history of the internet there were three good memes. Steamed Hams, Stu making chocolate pudding at 4 am and loss.


If a video game has a maths puzzle, that's the hardest part of the game for me. Even if it is basic algebra and the rest of the game is Battletoads or Ghosts 'n Goblins. The 2nd grade level maths puzzle will still be what defeats me.


Left is my expression each time this enemy appears and turns my entire party insane again.


Read a bit on the internet and started again with a slightly different party. Ranger replaces Paladin, Ninja replaces Robber and Cleric replaces Druidess.


Started playing Might & Magic III so I might as well post about it. Who is going to stop me from it, you? My party from left to right is a Half-Orc Barbarian, Dwarf Knight, Human Paladin, Gnome Robber, Elf Druidess and a Half-Orc Sorceress.


Sometimes I will not buy a game I am generally interested in if it has a lot of meme reviews on its Steam store page.


I don't know if this is known but Nine Sols has a demo on Steam. I did not know this. It's a pretty good demo too.


Someone in qtoid blocked me. Who are you? What did I do?


Had a bit of money left at the end of last month, made choices and now Elden Ring will have to wait.


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