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Was I the only one excited that they finally put Guile's theme in Smash Bros? Was a missed opportunity with Ryu's stage in Smash 4.


So I have finally decided to come back after being gone for a bit. I also bring some interesting news. Turns out the Mario Odyssey art book includes a some artwork of how Peach would look like if Bowser possessed her with a cappy clone.


Damn. so the japanese voice actor for professor oak narrator for the Pokemon anime, and voice of Hercule Satan died. I always watched Pokemon dubded but still sucks to lose someone important, espicially since he was the narrator. May he rest in peace.


Well looks like Diablo 3 for switch was announced one day earlier by Forbes. Gonna be nice to have a portable version to take with you to the bathroom!


Just a daily reminder of how hard Sakurai is working on smash ultimate and we should be lucky someone this dedicated is working on the game.


I honestly don't know how Sakurai will be able to top the next smash whenever it comes out. I also had a heart attack when I saw Zero but a bit disappointed he is a trophy but hey not everyone can get in the game.


The new Rathalos ex trial is something. While my experience with Mh helped me keep my deaths to a minimum the netcode for ffxiv makes it harder than it should be since I've died to things I should have avoided.


Nothing like another smash bros rumor before the direct and this time for the Chorus kids. Seems at least the website backs this up and it could just be an assist trophy. Feel some excitement since it fits with the datamined rumor that is out. Link in com


While most people like to talk about new charaters and stages added to Smash Bros, I actually really get excited about what music they are going to add to this game. Each iteration always adds great remixes and I am really digging this snake eater remix.


Man so jealous of everyone posting the Octopath traveler limited edition since I had to save money for my Disneyland trip so I ended up with the regular edition.


There's a Nintendo Direct rumor floating around and some of the info there has already been confirmed. Like always take things with a grain of salt. Link inn comments.


I was at the edge of my seat watching Germany v Sweden. I'm amazed that Germany manage to make that 2nd goal even with one player down.


Had a treat time watch Mexico beat Germany in the world cup but still have a some mixed feelings since I'm rooting for both teams. Still rooting for Germany more, but I'm glad Mexico had a strong start.


So currently smash sits at 65 fighters, so please Sakurai reach that magical number of 69 fighters in total!


Just to alleviate anyone's worries that hayter isnt gonna voice snake again. He confirmed on his twitter thats he's back for the role.


Either I'm not looking hard enough or in the right places but where are those e3 memes and cringe videos? Part of me misses stuff like this since it always gives me a good laugh.


I really can't wait for this to happen. A good chunk of my fc memeber are into MHW so having this event will be awesome to do with them! Bring on the rathalos hunting!


Sakurai confirmed that he is gonna be in the Nintendo E3 direct. I know it's a given but I can't help but feel hyped!


I can't stop listening to the new primal theme for FFXIV! That trial has everthing:awesome track, great story tied to it and of course an awesome fight even if the mechanics are easy.


Senate decided to repeal the FCC's decision to get rid of net neutrality.Close call but I'm glad to get some good news for once.


Let's be real we all know it was Kimishima's brilliant plan that saved Nintendo (detailed below). Here's hoping the next president has an equally effective plan.


I know some of you love Jeff Goldblum and Steamed Hams but how about both of them together!


Forget Pokemon Go, I'm ready to play FFXIV Go!


While not exactly a cat girl picture, I'm sure you guys would be like this.


For those you who have played the dlc for Wolfenstein 2, is it worth it? Asking cause the season pass is on sale on the PSN Store.


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