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Some PS5 owners have been reporting FF16 boss fights causing there console to shutoff due to overheating. Try cleaning your console video in link. In other news Luna found out I have new neighbors Mama Skunk in pic.


Any one play this board game?


Saw Garbage Pail Kids on sale in eshop. Got it for five dineros with gold points. Hopefully its not Garbage. Ill report later when I get the chance.


Rumor has it Nintendo is going to unveil the Switch U2, it will be tethered to the switch via ethernet in order to one up playstation. It will have bw compatibility but it will be behind a weekly paywall. Battery life rumored to be 1.2 hrs.


I thought we were done with to small text. Started Doom eternal and my eyes hurt reading tutorials and I finished the FF16 demo yesterday same thing with the text. Other then that I am ready for Ff16, had a fun time with the game


You all do, Happy Friday!


Throwback Thursday.


Fresh baked bread, cranberry chutney, turkey, bacon and a hunk of brie. Yum.


Rpg wrestling game with a bunch of old school wrestlers like the Road Warriors and Macho Man. Oh yeahhhh! Wrestlequest releasing this year.


Out and about.


Hope you all are safe and well.


Psa: If you say war hammer three times while taking a dump the site will crash.


Throwback Thursday, Do you still feel the same. Thoughts?


Hi my name is Jim Ryan, over at Sony, innovation is what Sony is all about which is why I am proud to show not cod clones, not spaltoon clones, and a whole new take on not bow. Did I mention remakes, what about are brand new switch.


This song reminded me of a fun memory. To much to post for a qpost. But worth a listen, takes you on a journey.


So do I.


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