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Success! And bonus pic in the comments


Im looking forward to lego skywalker saga. Looks like stupid fun.


Microsoft currently working on there vers of smash. They only need a few more ip’s to make the super duper ultimate edition.


I will happily be waiting to unlock bill gates as a playable character in the next doom game. Will be awesome to finally play as a modern day pirate.


I give you, Baguettes. I rolled them to long so I had to shift them to fit under the lid. Still very tasty, not bad for my first try. Highly recommend in making your own.


Horse kicks tree, farts on dogs then runs away.


Do you think this is the last gen for physical media. Not including Nintendo since they still follow gunpei yokoi philospy and probably won’t adapt to pure digital until the gen after. What are your thoughts?


🎶Lookin for money in all the wrong places🎶


Good ol game stop being game stop. But then … Also psa octo used is 29 at gamestop.


Merry Christmas everyone.


Psa Shin megami V is 35 at Amazon


Thoughts on Octopath Traveler?


Surprised by this.


Gun akimobo was a good time. Over the top stupid action comedy. Loved it.


Am I doing it right? Marfa orbs.


I was in the mood for something bad, Amazon came to the call. Unfortunately this was unbearable. Cool poster though.


Where is indigit and teddy. Anyone know what happened to him?


Hope you all got to spend the day in a special way.


Bebop is out.


So, is this an ice skating simulator? Just started and the music and sound design really make this game.


And Xenoblade Chronicles is done. Glad I was able to pick up after sometime away. Otherwise it would of been awhile. I have a fever and the only cure is more Jrpgs. Shin Megami 5 is calling my name.


Thank you for being you Chris. Happy Birthday duder.


There is supposed to be live gameplay of elden ring today for those interested. Video unrelated.


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