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After extended gaming sessions with the ps5. I am impressed with how cool and quiet it is.


Defeated Margit the S.O.B. Who’s next?


Photo me, poem inside


Seems legit


Here they are. On the fence, as I usually am after purchasing stuff.


If could give you a slice I would. Mango tart, with chardonnay apricot glaze, and pecan crust.


Eldin ring slowly taking over.


Started eldin ring last night. Got in a fight with a cat. So far love the atmosphere, right now it feels like a more open version of dark souls.


What a great cover


Sony is acquiring konami


Anyone see the ninjas in the ninja parade. Me neither


When I see head lines like this I think they do the opposite. I could make a big ass list on how many time the big three have said they would not do something only to do it later. Remember when sony said there games would not need online connection.


Im glad gpu is doing solo stuff after leaving daft punk. Stupid catchy song, I love it.


Whats in the box dudes and dudettes?


As I said before. I’ll believe it when I see it. Ps5 is shipping. Hopefully will be here this Saturday or Monday. Holy cow, getting stoked.


Ninja Hideaway in mk8 dlc is the shiznit.


Psa: Hogwarts state of play incoming in thirty mins. Edit 4mins. Link in comments


If you need a laugh. Watch tell the end.


Reggie-Fils-Aimé said Facebook "is not an innovative company" and that the 20 million VR headsets sold to date would've been good single-year sales at Nintendo. Lol, Screw FB


Unless something unexpected happens, I think I scored a ps5. Won’t be shipped until near the end of the month. What are your ps5 recommendations and are the ps4 upgrades worth it? and if so which ones. Thanks in advance for recommendations


Some of my art, wrapped up.


Officially hunting for a PS5.


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