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Ultra Fast & The Ultra Furious Star Wars episode 7 May the fourth be with you, for advertising.


Alien or Aliens? Why?


In a tones mood.


Pro tip: put your underwear inside out to wear an additional week.


Hell yes, also includes the directors cut legion. Stoked!


Finished FF7R. Overall had a damn good time and like a good book the last half flew by quickly. Will be looking forward to the next installments.


Been having a blast with Res4. Like the changes. Game feels familiar but still newish. Would of finished the first big main area if I didn’t have to sit in a waiting room in urgent care for hours, to confirm I have strep throat. Al least its not the vid


I don’t want to adult today.


How did I miss this. The book is an epic. The art style is gorgeous. Reminds me of some old stuff from lucasfilm games.


Made some comfort food for my folks earlier this morning. Came out so good. Chilaquiles verde, greens from my moms garden. Egg hidden in the pic.


Maid Marian, what a fox, she was my first crush. Chun li might have been my first video game crush. Tiffany from elementary, you missed your chance. What were yours?


It was Tuesday.


I thought I solved the issue by clearing cache and cookies. Still happening.


Sunset, the granite in the mountains turns red when the sun hits it right.


I was asked to take a survey the last time I visited the eshop. One of the questions asked was what would you like most in a new console. 4k hdr, backward compatibility, next gen tech, no to none of those. Bring back mii verse. What would you want.


Tonights post is brought to you by Pernod Absinthe.


Happy Monday.


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