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Blackbeans with chipotle tomato sauce, masa gnocchi, spinach. Delicious


Kinda like today.


Nintendo dropped this a couple of days ago. Website is in Japanese basically it says we plan on making things only we can do, yada yada yada. Rest of page is for hiring.


Some ballooning pics from this weekend.


Whats in the box?


Happy whatever. Here is a classic by Black Sabbath from the album vol 4. A nice mix of groove, heavy, stoner and blues music.


Cunk asking deep questions.


I give you, hippie smoking bread at Woodstock


Thank god for the rewind and the built in strategy guide. NES Tmnt is done. Minor spoiler pics in comments


Real talk, when are we going to get a muppet version of Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Hmm. Preorders go up Sept 15. Link in comments


Well gt7 is lots of fun! I haven’t touched a gt game since ps2. Feels similar but new enough. Ps5 controller works surprisingly well. Using with motion control.


Does anyone here sim race? If so, whats your setup.


Someone dropped the ball, its 68. Lift the gauntlet in comments.


Puppy Kahlo, Hope you all are well.


Start your Friday, with this little punk diddy.


Nintendo, Im tired of replaying Metroid Prime with my neighbors. November would be a good time to release that remaster. Sincerely 006.


Folky, metalish , moving. An oldie but goodie.


I want to post some cool locale pictures of xb3 but don’t want to take it away from anyone that plays it later. So here is this ad I made. You can figure out for what.


Xb3 has all my gaming attention at the moment. Hope you all have a good weekend.


I got my copy for XC3 from N o a yesterday. It came with a iou for the se. The game is addicting, music is moving, graphics are great, story is enthralling, battle system is growing on me. Really feeling it.


She is entering shark mode.


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