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I was going to post a beautiful image of myself naked for your pleasure, but since qtoid is broke, I will have to give you a visualizer. Think succulent crisp bacon, and two over medium eggs with the yolk oozing onto toast.


Goosebumps, Brilliant.


Have been busy going in and out of hospital since December due to a family member. The one thing that is certain is life is uncertain. Years of smoking and drinking have caught up and now we are dealing with dementia and limited movement. Take care yourse


Sleep Token


Good bye horses


Happy belated birthday to Atomic Banana and a Happy new year to RiffRaff.


As Christmas nears, what are some special memories you have, or games to play during the holiday. I remember my dad surprising me with a snes. Didn’t think we could afford one so when I unwrapped it. I cried and squealed like a doofus.


MyNintendo 2023 Calendars are up in the mynintendo rewards.


I did not know there is a garbage pail game, I am so tempted.


Useful if you are a physical collector and for game preservation.


My Ps5 top five. I really liked Eldin Ring.


Psa: Witcher 3 gets it next gen update for xbox and pc later today 7pm, est. Ps5 tomorrow. Cursed pic in comments.


So I finished Callisto Protocol. Thoughts in the comments.


My top five list of Qtoid, in the comments section.


Be like Macho.


Spoiler pic of Malignant in comments. Unrelated, started Calisto on ps5, so far runs great no issues. It is a spectacle with great sound design.


Spoiler about the movie Nope.


Reminder this exists, its like a old radio horror drama.


Arbitrary Metal Tuesday.


Happy early Thanksgiving


Caved and watching the World Cup, anyone else watching. Am I the only one who thinks Raheem Sterling is over rated.


Happy Friday


Mmmm fudge stripes.


This game is looking promising, gives off Zelda minish cap vibes. Looks gorgeous and also trolls and Nordic folklore.


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