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There's a demo for Demonschool available on Steam until 15th May. Going to install and give it a go this weekend :)


Because why not: favourite souls games: 1. Dark Souls, 2. Demon’s Souls 3. Bloodborne 4. DS2 5. Sekiro 6. DS3 (haven’t played add ons yet) Haven’t played Elden Ring yet… what’s yours?


How much of Yakuza 0 revolves around running a hostess club?


Oh my gosh I want this Japan only slapping game!


Made it past the first boss in Etrian Odyssey 3 after completing some side and sea quests. Sailing is a fun diversion and definitely helps with leveling up a bit faster. Buccaneer needs to switch to a gun I think. Wish you could respec :(


New trailer for EO collection. The new portraits look great. I really hope they tweak quite a bit for these releases. I’d love Hexer and Samurai to be available from the start in EO1 :)


I’ve never played an Advanced Wars game, so I thought maybe Nintendo were being a bit sheepish when they delayed the game after Russia invaded Ukraine. But after watching that joyful trailer, I totally get it LOL!


Here’s some dungeon music to get you through the hump of the week.


Hit the first boss of Etrian Odyssey III. Nowhere near beating it yet. It’s fine as the Quests are more fun this time round, and I’m enjoying the sea exploration. Only thing is I’m not that excited by my party at the moment. Details below.


So apart from the egregious barmaid fan service, Etrian Odyssey III makes a pretty great first impression. Dungeon exploration is as fun as ever and it feels like there’s way more workable party formations compared to 2. I love the farmer class’ ski


After finishing Trails From Zero, I’m finally starting an Etrian Odyssey III play through. This one’s been in my backlog for years! In honour of this moment, here’s some peak JRPG dungeon crawler character design.


I’m sure it’s been said before but the Steam Deck is a fucking arse to get working lol


Got some new art books - one for the EO shrine lol - super happy to get the SMTIVA one as I’ll probably never own that game physically. The Etrian Mystery Dungeon one has some lovely scenery pieces :)


Finished Trails from Zero in about 50hrs. Was fantastic! Super chilled and then an exciting climax at the end. Great writing all round, even if I didn’t quite get all the stuff from Trails in the Sky. Excited to play Azure in a few months.


Here’s my rendition of those taxi cabs in Earthbound


PSA There are some cool lookin' Nintendo gameboy posters on the UK MyNintendo store for 600 coins


Surprisingly, the Steam Deck is on sale! 10% off works out quite a bit. Considering I’ve been saving up to buy one for a while, it looks like I’ll probably get one before the sale ends. Just need to sell a couple videogame odds & ends to afford it


Cute Ys cameo in the Trails from Zero casino slot machines :D


Trying to fill in an online application form and it won't except even a minute of down time in my life haha


Heres a random book I got ages ago from a tiny games convention in Bristol: Strange Journey strategy guide publish by Famitsu. It’s only a guide for the first 3 dungeons so it’s actually quite slim - also it’s all in Japanese.


I’ve been slowing down collecting games recently as I’m saving up to buy a steam deck. But I still love collecting 2nd and 1st hand books (very much cheaper than vgs). I love shopping for cheap books :)


I’m looking forward to some Ys levels of action/comfy cheese :D


Heavy week so far- had a visit from our Academy boss and a moderation meeting on Tuesday, then a 3 hour interview for a new job yesterday - phew! Two more days to go and I can start chapter 4 of Trails from Zero :D *random chilled dungeon music*


The presenter’s voice is very monotonous but it’s at least a decent video about EO - which are few and far between on YouTube! He’s got some very fair criticisms of the games too, which is good. He calls EO1 basically shit, which makes me sad :(


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