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Ugh - Britain is so fucked :(


I’m about 6hrs into XCB3 and I think my brain is rejecting it. I have no idea what’s happening in battle and they keep telling me stuff and making me do stuff. I feel like an old man trying to play his grandson’s rpg!


I really love the character designs in Wizardry (PS2)


I think this shop window in Gloucester goes some way towards summing up British cultural history for anyone interested: Paddington Bear having tea with Baphomet.


Inspiring music swells! I finished Disco Elysium yesterday - it was fantastic! I've started Wizardry on the PS2; I love this game's atmosphere and it's on my long list of games I own but never completed. Might try to though I want to get back on XBC3 too


Captain Chrup - just really long corn tubes.


Sadly getting a replacement battery has not solved the 3DS problem I had - however the old battery was swollen so there’s clearly an issue there anyway. I was going to send it to Nintendo but seeing as it’s out of warranty that might cost a lot.


My dreams aren't usually coherent, let alone heroic, but last night I dreamt that Jake Paul was in a boxing match with an elderly Patrick Stewart and I jumped in the ring, slapped Jake and saved Stewart from the fatal, final blow.


I got a second Etrian Odyssey figure to add to my EO shrine :D Sadly it came without the clear stand to hold it up so I need to jimmy some kind of alternative… #picturefliptoid


Just tried to charge and boot up my 3DS and it’s red light comes on for a lil bit… then nothing :( I’ve ordered a replacement battery so hopefully that’ll sort it - fingers crossed


When I first got Etrian Odyssey I loved how the manual told you about the classes in the form of a bard’s poem. Later, when I was crazy enough with the game to get a copy of the US version, I found it had loads more! It has 8 pages of informative poems!


When I was younger I made one issue of a videogame zine which I illustrated and wrote.. "articles" for. I just found all the illustrations on an old hd and thought the cover was looked quite cool lol - I guess I wasn't a fan of Mario back then


I caved in and bought Xenoblade Chronicles 3 despite it not really seeming my jam. I felt like I needed a solid JRPG story after the gameplay focus of SMT V. I’m going to play it alongside Disco Elysium and then see how far I get till Tactics Ogre in No


My local second hand videogame shop had a bunch of anime soundtracks which had apparently been found in the old owner’s attic (apparently he’d bought a bunch off some distributor years ago). I found this Shadow Hearts arrange soundtrack in there for


I was recently told about peanut butter and tomatoes on toast. It's surprisingly delicious! That is all.


I finished one of the endings for SMT V yesterday. I'm still mulling over my thoughts on the game in regards to the series but overall I think it was extremely fun. Story not so great compared to other entries but combat and exploration felt really fresh!


What’s the verdict on A.I. Somnium Files? It’s very cheap on the UK eShop at the moment. Personally, I enjoyed 999 but didn’t like Danganronpa 😬


I love Michael Rosen and, being old, I’ve only just cottoned onto this thing with him describing videogames. I’m trying to think of a good series that would fit this well - maybe the Witcher series…?


Sadly this does in fact say Robin Hood’s Picking Rods, but by God I refuse to call it anything other than Robin Hood’s Dicking Rods! (I would also accept Dicking Poles)


#caturday me and the family found this majestic feline on a trip yesterday. It was friendly too so I stroked it while my son, whose about 1 1/2, poked it and meowed at it haha :D


I had no idea this existed...


I recieved a tax rebate so I thought I'd get some videogames :)


Man I love Ranking of King's theme tune! I think this band is actually pretty rad too :)


Imagine a game based on The Berlin Wall...


Time to see what all the fuss is about ;)


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