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Is there a way to delete a double post?


Got this game sealed off eBay for £2.75. Thought it was worth a shot as I remember it looking interesting (if not extremely overpriced) when it was first announced. Might play it as my “action” game after Gurumin.


After playing Ys VI alongside Tactics Ogre, I’ve decided to continue the action/turn based duet approach. I’m now playing Gurumin 3D (on a 2DS…) and Trails From Zero. Both of which are, so far, very charming games.


I beat Ys VI the other day. It's such a satisfying game to play. Short and sweet with very few annoying moments (outside of jump dash, but that's non-mandatory so whatever). It's got a great setting and some memorable moments :)


Got a new Etrian Odyssey Art book! This one’s from the Japanese Special Edition release of EO V. It’s hard cover and about 210 pages long. I love Yuji Himukai’s art for the series, especially the weird monster designs [Shin Nagasawa did those!]


In terms of the Steam Deck, is there a massive difference from the bottom model to the mid model??? Ps I know nothing about PCs…


In terms of the Steam Deck, is there a massive difference from the bottom model to the mid model??? Ps I know nothing about PCs…


The special Japanese edition for Xanadu Next looks so awesome! Shame I don’t live in Japan or … Australia


At the final gauntlet of Ys VI. It's time to grind!!


My hopes for this year are that the Oath in Felghana remaster will be released in a physical edition in Europe and that Ys X will take time to translate and release here late 2023/early 2024, so I can actually get through some of my backlog this year


I like how in Tactics Ogre you can try and recruit a character only for them to say, “didn’t you murder my family? I think I’ll give it a miss” Lol


When the Archangel Gabriel visited the Virgin Mary at the Annunciation, and told her that she would give birth to The Light of The World, Our Lord and Saviour Lord Jesus Christ The King, she replied


I love pirates in “media”. But I don’t know a tonne of good VG pirates (discounting sky pirates). Diego in Tactics Ogre is pretty gorgeous; Guybrush/Elaine from Monkey Island are both lovable. Surely there’s enough out there for a Top 10, ranked!?


I’ve been craving a solid story-heavy jrpg so I got myself Trails from Zero. I’ve never played a Trails game despite being quite a big fan of Ys. I asked the dtoid collective consciousness and I get the impression it’s cool to start here. Im excited


One of the kids I teach (she's 6) came up to me today, right before hometime, and gave me this folded up paper saying, I’ve drawn you a picture. I unfolded it when I got home and found this…lol without irony my favourite drawing I’ve ever been gifte


I’m looking forward to see how Labyrinth of Zangetsu turns out. Looks like it could be an interesting and atmospheric dungeon crawler.


Sorry, just more Ys VI screen shots.


I (perhaps rightfully) got dumped on for hating the modern female Terror Knight design, but here’s a wildly impractical Yoshida design I love from the Super Famicom version! I’m sure I’ll get dumped on for liking this one lol


Hob’s Barrow is coming to Switch which is fantastic :D


I love Akihiko Yoshida’s art for Tactics Ogre but the female Terror Knight looks ridiculous with its mini skirt and high heels. I wonder if it’s a joke…


Any Trails fans out there I have a question for ye: can I start with Zero? I’m not really bothered by spoilers, just whether the story of zero makes any sense without Trails in the Sky?


I love the rooms in Ys VI :D That's it


Happy new year dtoid - I’ve come to really cherish this place during 2022 as I’ve mostly detached myself from social media this year. Resolutions for 23 are: survive arrival of baby #2, be a good dad, finally play EO III, make sure I have a job in sep


There's something about Falcom's visual design I find appealing; can't quite pin point exactly what it is...


This is true British cuisine


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