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Hey, remember how I said I'd write about Legacy of Kain all year but then Elden Ring happened and I didn't publish anything for 3 months? Well I'm back strong as ever. I turned 11 minutes of footage into 2592 words of blog. That's 4 words a second. :)


Kerrik52's LoK Retrospective #3 - Vengeance Sated

Kain succinctly describes the situation he finds himself in after Mortanius resurrects him as a fresh-faced vampire: Now that we are in proper gameplay, I can talk about the UI. I think it being a pre-rendered chunk of the screen betr...


It is done. The ripping and tearing has come to an end. DLC 2 was awesome, I love the hammer. They succeeded in making me master almost every tool, so I'm tempted to replay on Ultra-Violence and see if I can crush it.


Freed up just enough shelf space to fit my PSP games in my new place. Displayed like this, it really doesn't look like a lot, but I think I picked apart the library for everything cool. Since it was my first portable, I played most of these games a lot.


DLC 1 cleared! That was a lot to handle. Hard to believe this is the nerfed version, but I had my fun. That final boss was rough though. And the story is getting stupid, you can't just compress 6 characters into 3 like that with a straight face.


I think this speedrun will be my capstone on REmake 3. With two Assault Coins and the dodge manual, this was quite easy on Standard, but still pretty exhilarating. The final boss in particular was pathetic after all the suffering during Nightmare.


so many tentacle zombies...no ammo...new traps everywhere...nemesis so fast...assault coin...my salvation...why the lickers...still missing files...final boss so difficult...took me 2 evenings...my trusty pistol...stronger than all...gotta speedrun now...


I completed my Hardcore run of RE3. While my time is only slightly better, I've learned a lot about the game now (like how to get Nemesis drops), so I'm about ready for Nightmare. Which was off to an exciting start full of fresh and evil ambushes.


Elden Ring Day 51: I got the Platinum! What a fantastic game, but after 280 (152 + 82 + 46) hours I am so done. Magic was a lot of fun, but the final boss didn't melt the way I wanted it to until I went all out with meteors, which is fitting, I suppose.


DOOM ETERNAL WAS AWESOME! The supposed game-ruining mechanics were wildly overexaggerated, so I'd rate it about the same as 4. Not to say the plot wasn't poorly told and that there weren't some glitches and odd levels, but I'm still satisfied.


I'm happy that I managed to recreate my previous PC-bed setup in some capacity. The cables were juuust long enough and the the elavation ruins the black levels a bit, but now I can comfortably style on Nemesis in my hardcore mode replay.


The kids don't know how good they have it. I have a friend of mine (born 2005) who does everything in her power to play games above 1080p. It's obviously better, but her stubborness is stunning to someone like me, who can deal with 480i. Time marches on..


If I squint hard enough, surely I can pretend Sifu is God Hand 2? It's also exciting to complete the Persona trilogy. Can't for the life of me figure out what the 5 means though. It's not like there are 5 Phantom Thieves, so what gives? Anyone know?


Thought experiment: We lock Yu Suzuki, Keiji Inafune and Yuji Naka in a room with a contract for a game project worth 30 million dollars, a fountain pen, a switchblade and an unloaded gun. What transpires? Which one reveals himself as a literal ghoul?


Matt gifted me a copy of Save Room - Organization Puzzle, so I streamed through the whole thing in just over 2 hours. It's absolutely delightful in its minimalism. They managed to turn every little aspect of the RE4 attaché case into a mechanic.


That's REmake 3 in the bag! It was undercooked as foretold, but I quite enjoyed my time with it. The dodge functions this time around, so I can play it differently compared to REmake 2. Gonna show it some love with replays and see how it develops.


One boss into Doom Eternal and it already has me sweating. I know I'm rusty, but this is a lot to take in. Gotta work in some muscle memory to deal with this DMC-esque weapon switching. At least I'm good at finding collectibles.


Elden Ring Day 50: the Glintstone Pebble ash on my Rapier continues to prove its supremacy. The poise break is crazy. I also picked up Loretta's War Sickle, which has an awesome light attack string. The Platinum is so close, I only need one more session!


Since the DLC is on sale, I decided to start on Doom Eternal and see if I like it enough to buy more. Beyond the awful online shit, I'm quite happy with the amount of game options and the first level. We'll see on which side of the fence I fall.


Elden Ring Day 49: I absolutely tore through the capital today. The big boss there melted in like 7 casts. The power of a mature sorcery build is just as disgusting as I had hoped. I can easily get my last trophy over the weekend like this.


Since SE is being an asshat about it, I tried out the Final Fantasy Origin demo and confirmed some assumptions. The story is nonsense, there is polish lacking in every scene and it's Nioh 3. And holy shit is the combat explosive. MAYBE I SHOULD KILL CHAOS


Elden Ring Day 48: Yo, sleep combined with a bleed-infused flail with Wild Strikes is a filthy combination. Triggers bleed twice and can even Stance break. I love what they did with status effects and skills in this game, especially after DS3 was so basic


'Tis the season for aquisitions and retailers finally admitted that they overstocked on PS5 games and did good sales. Another spending spree like this and I'm caught up on modern gaming. Really happy with Ys Origin, but now my backlog is in shambles.


Elden Ring Day 47: I did some basic cleanup and finally hit 60 INT (which has been a long time coming, since I'm being a good boy and levelling health), unlocking both a new staff and the laser beam. Current status:


Elden Ring Day 46: I did all the sorcery quests today, so now my witch is almost fully decked out with a +9 Darkmoon Greatsword! With the combination of frost, acidic mist and my backup sniper, nothing can stand in my way...unless it deals 30 VIG damage.


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