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With FFIX complete, my Final Fantasy journey has come to an end for now. This game was really good! It still has some unwelcome jank like FFVII, but the ending here was a lot better. Same for the FMVs. What JRPG series to dive into next...


God Hand 2, Capcom.


Traveller In Playtime – Blasphemous

Blasphemous is a metroidvania game developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team 17 for PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019, with ports for Linux and Mac being made in 2020. In the heavily religious land of Cvstodia, a mysteriou...


I've been looking for an excuse to play Ys 8 for a long time and now I wanna beat it & 9 before I move out and lose access to our PS4. I was afraid it wouldn't live up to my hype, but as soon as the composers let loose with this song I could only smile.


Mirroring my first session, I somehow beat Blasphemous with shoddy sleep-deprived reaction times. It was a really good time, but now that it's a new day, I wanna replay it with a guide, because apparently I missed like half of the progression powers!


My first week of work has involved faulty hardware, inefficient bureaucracy, hours with tech support, breaking my body with my new gym membership, and about six lines of code. BUT I REMAIN UNBROKEN AND I WILL EARN ENOUGH MONEY TO BURN ON A PS5!


I have done the impossible and reviewed Salt & Sanctuary without mentioning Dark Souls once. Read and weep, non-believers. READ AND WEEP!


Traveller In Playtime – Salt & Sanctuary

Salt & Sanctuary is an action RPG with metroidvania elements developed and published by Ska Studios on PS4 and PC in 2016. Further ports for Vita, Switch and Xbox One were released in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. The plot puts...


I got an hour of personal training at the gym, thus marking the beginning of my fitness journey. A few more months of this and maybe my body will be pleasant to inhabit. Juuuust gotta keep up 3 hours of training a week.


I'm glad the indie scene has finally decided to make me some nostalgia bait. It's unreal how well Zera captures the style of PS1 Spyro games while seemingly making improvements to the controls.


Man, Blasphemous really puts your face to the grindstone as soon as the tutorial ends, which is thematically appropriate I suppose. Upgrades are few and hard won, but really make a difference. I even managed to beat the mountain boss while sleep deprived!


I just hit disc 3 in FFIX and it's been really fun to play an FF game I knew so little about and discover the building blocks of Kingdom Hearts. So far, I'd say Freya and Vivi are my favourite characters.


It's taken me just under 2 years since I graduated, but now I have a proper job! I'm starting as an Android app developer in a couple of weeks and I even have an apartment lined up. I can finally rid my browser window of all those fucking job ad tabs.


I went back to the Raid Mode in Revelations 2 and I forgot just how indepth it is. It's to the point where the main game feels like an excuse to have a grindy co-op mode. Did Capcom ever do anything else with this formula in their RE spinoff failures?


I got a surprise visit from the police today due to my mom being suspected for a robbery because of her rental car. It wasn't her, for the record. So I was kept in my room and teased out that the cop was a Kingdom Hearts fan. Highlight of my day.


I tried some co-op in Salt & Sanctuary through Steam Remote Play yesterday. I expected it to be a nightmare, but it was surprisingly playable even with 0.5 seconds of input lag and the odd lag spike. Having 2 people also changes your tactics in a fun way.


Ever wanted to watch an hour of a woman thirsting over the DMCV cast and then end up an emotional wreck through its sheer greatness? THIS is why video games are a worthwhile medium.


As you can see, Jusis is very appreciative of his limited edition Nayuta no Kiseki companion buddy Noi doll. Gotta give nobleman brats EXACTLY what they wish for or you'll never hear the end of it.


Kweh. Kweh. Kweh. Kweh. Kweh!? Kweh!? Kweh!? Kweh!? Kwehhh!? Kwehhh!? Kwehhh!? Kwehhh!? Kweh!? Kwehhh!? Kwehhh!? K-KWEHHH!!!


It took some puzzling to get my controller working (I need to plug it out and in midgame), but now I'm 2 hours into FFIX with the Moguri mod! Coming fom FF7, it's immediately better looking and easier to navigate, which is delightful.


I finally found a CGI anime that I liked. It being a literal mystery box show about understanding was neat, but it's so weird that I'm unsure what to think of it all. If nothing else, it's unique and worth a watch as a curiosity.


I just got done streaming through Apsulov: End of Gods and I'm thoroughly impressed. Compared to the studio's last horror game, it's longer, radder and even has a combat system. The characters are a bit undercooked, but holy shit is it metal.


Ori and the Blind Forest was delightful. It dropped the metroidvania design a lot in favour of straight platforming levels, but those were a good challenge (barring some poor level design and stuttering on the PC version). That music though!




With FF7 finally completed, I now understand why it became renowned as the first blockbuster video game. Playing it after VI really puts a spotlight on the differences. The setpieces are nuts for the time. A shame it's a bit messy in parts though.


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