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Ok, I need a second opinion here. I tested the different graphics modes of Forbidden West and I can't tell the difference in resolution despite having the correct TV. Am I blind or is it just a placebo for graphics whores who refuse good framerate?


Now that I'm past the tutorial area of Forbidden West I've noticed what they've improved. It's mostly the same, but climbing is better and less confusing, there are actual mini dungeons with puzzles and the progression systems aren't as restricted.


Being the prettiest game I've ever seen, Forbidden West serves its purpose well as justification for my OLED. Beyond that, it's really fun! I'm still in the prologue, but I'm feeling the formula doing its thing again. Machine Strike hurts my brain though


Soul Hackers 2 isn't "Persona with adults", but I think I prefer it that way. It's a lean 50 hours with just enough plot to justify all the unhinged grinding and minmaxing. Might even do NG+ once the DLC is on sale.I even got the true ending without help!


I tried to check if a different browser would allow me to upload images to the blog editor again and all I was rewarded with was access to Seymour's edit page.


Soul Hackers 2 update: 25 hours in the plot has ground to a halt while I'm busy tending to my party. I love how all of the systems intersect to create a really dense RPG experience with constant progression. And it even feels balanced correctly!


Amnesia Rebirth was better than I was led to believe. The criticism I've read about its boring opening hours are correct, but Frictional's way of writing and designing is so enthralling to me. The spooks are old hat, but the puzzles are fun!


Despite P5R making me question my will to live, Soul Hackers 2 has me hooked. Having an MC with not only a personality, but the gumption to counter-rap a boss 30 minutes after being born sold me immediately. It also starts super fast compared to Persona.


Adults with boring family need to make their own Christmas, so here is my Black Friday haul. Ghost of Sushi was a surprisingly hard bargain to find, I had to order it from a camera shop. One that sent me free candy to boot!


I'm officially on the Utawarerumono train now. I'm not much of a VN guy and Prelude certainly is 50% hijinks, but there's a bit of strategy combat that doesn't make my brain hurt and the game fucking assaulted me with non-stop twists by the end.


I was cold on Resident Evil 8 for a good few hours, but past Moreau it really opened up and never stopped going. Awesome stuff all around, frankly.




I found this great Legacy of Kain shitpost and I'm sharing it, timeliness and its horrid lips be damned.


I woke up to the news of Yuji Naka getting arrested over insider trading and Embracer Group reporting absurdly many responses for the Legacy of Kain survey.


I blasted through Ragnarok doing everything worthwhile in 45 hours. That's some fine-ass video gaming, well worth the 2 whole months I had to wait on it. It's to the point where it's so big that I'm impressed they ended up with so few design flaws.


Reading Shamus Young's book about a reanimated corpse in the year of his own passing has been a morose, yet positive experience. The Witch Watch is a short but tight novel about magic in Victorian England and it felt realistic without being super serious.


Ragnarök update: This game has more money than God and Ive had a lot of fun taking down The Callous, The Zealous, The Feared and the Stolid as soon as I could. The rest brought adds and that shit just don't work when you're underlevelled.


My first 3 hours of Ragnarök were great, but I'm not giddy over it exactly. Still, with the improvements to air juggling, sprint speed and cliff jumping, the game has inched ever closer to God Hand. They removed my beloved heavy charged fist combo tho. :


Since I'm done with the Dishonored 2 "duology" I've been reading up on some of the secrets and holy hell is my brain too small. Arkane implemented so many logical reprecussions for player actions and powers. The Stilton Manor "thing" is insane!


Arkane really knows how to shake things up. DotO was a challenging romp, since they mixed and matched powers both to empower and depower the player, leading me to relearn how to approach things. I wish more devs were this experimental.


That's a wrap on Dishonored 2. Since the setup is identical to the first, it felt like the same plot, only with better mechanics and a couple of kick-ass levels. That's nice, but there's something about the world they created that's still lacking.


I feel pretty done with the Witcher show after S2. I got what I came for and now have a vague understanding of some character backstories but I don't care for the scope creep turning it into Big Fantasy Epic(tm) that needs a prequel show.


I gave Darkwood 2 sessions before throwing in the towel. No disrespect towards developer intent, it's just too mean, slow and oppressive for me right now. If it wasn't structured around crafting, maybe I'd feel different about it.


The Clockwork Mansion in Dishonored 2 was a rad level to explore and gave me some good Thief 2 vibes. These levels are stupid long first time through, it took me the entire day! Also, Emily's powerset suits me much better than Corvo's.


Happy 20th anniversary to Ratchet & Clank, you are now retro! This game and the series that followed mean so much to me, so I'm glad the series somehow still lives. If I wasn't so busy with Legacy of Kain, I might be giving it the retrospective treatment.


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