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Heyo Pixie! Can you please DM or send me a message on discord a shipping address for you? Was doing some cleaning and stumbled across a little something I think you might like :) Pic might be a clue of what it's related to..


Do you like space games? Anime? Waifu's? Anime waifu's in space? Are you a bit curious about this Starsector game I keep ranting about? Then I have just the video for you! I for one welcome our new space waifu Overlords...


I made some new friends.. Where's a copy of Phantasy Star when you need one?


It took some digging but I finally found a copy of Shandalar AS3 (2016 update) and it was worth it. Been in the MTG mood lately, the new cards and updates to the AI are fantastic.


In my continuing quest to update older games to throw at my new big rig, I have updated an old favorite. Warhammer 40K Dawn of War baby! I'm using the Unification mod and holy crab apples it's incredible. So much 40K goodness,Time to get my Dark Angel on!


Strolling through my local supermarket and look what I found. The end times are upon us. #Outsideshotoid


The human brain is a funny thing sometimes. Got this craving out of nowhere to play some Heroes of Might and Magic. Decided to give 5 another shot, with the 5.5 mod installed. I'm having a blast! Might play some 3 as well. Can never go wrong with 3...


So what are people's thoughts about 7.1 sound? I got a new pair of gaming headphones that have a button with this feature. I just can't seem to get used to it. Maybe I'm just too old-fashioned..


Happy New Year's to my favorite little corner of the interwebs! I hope everyone had a safe and fun evening.


Happy Birthday to Ser Riffy! 🥳


Tale of Two Wastelands lives again! Thanks to some help from the mad lads over on the TTW Reddit. I even set the mood lighting... Back to the wastelands I go!


No new computer tower is complete without some decoration! I am so grateful to have this nice piece of kit. Still a bit surreal..


I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and condolences. This place is truly home away from home. A few last Christmas presents. Time to fuel up!


Grandpa passed last night. Was not unexpected, he has been not doing well for awhile. Sad cuz in the end he wasn't really aware of his surroundings and couldn't communicate. Not fair for a kick ass grandpa and Korean vet.


So remember how I was lamenting that my graphics card was dying? Well I started talking to my dad about it and one thing led to another....behold!!


I know what Torchman wants for Christmas!


It is that time of year once again to give thanks to those special people in our lives. Dearest Gaj please accept these fine American products. There is a NSWF gift for Riffy in the comments:)


I was holding off on a fresh FFT playthrough, hoping for a remastered announcement. Since that did that happen away I go. Also over on ROM hacking there is a new version of FFT - War of the Lions Tweak. Fantastic balancing and QOL mod...


Looking for something alittle different to play? Genesis Alpha One has you covered. Deluxe edition only $8.24 on PSN right now!


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