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Halo wasn't half bad. Definitely slows after the action packed opening, but decent. Enough so that I'll keep watching. Made Spartans and Elite feel very dangerous, which was awesome. Feels like a high budget Syfy show though. Lol.


Ha! Halo on Paramount has a Mass Effect easter egg. Very cute


I've never been excited for a Kirby game. Hell, I don't think I've ever actually finished one. Definitely enjoyed what I've played, but Kirby has always been "fine" to me. Something seemed different this time, and I followed my gut. Wish me luck!


I forgot just how utterly insane Mario Kart 8 can be at 200cc.


Finished my Scream marathon with Scream 5. Another really good post-trilogy movie, although I feel like Scream 4 executed pretty much everything better. The legacy characters, the new cast, the killers, etc. Though bringing <redacted> back was awesome


MK8D Coconut Mall brings back so many memories. I went away for college my first year, and I brought my Wii along. MKWii was a big hit in the dorm, Coconut Mall being a popular track. We played for countless hours in those days. I really do miss it.


So, I randomly decided to do a Scream marathon recently, having never seen anything past the original trilogy. I saw Scream 4 for the first time, and it's kinda awesome? Lol. I think I liked it more than 2 and 3 tbh


It's 2022, and I'm currently playing new content for Mario Kart 8, originally released in 2013. What a time to be alive. Lol. Also, say what you want about Tour. That game has some great tracks, and I'm glad we can play them in a normal MK game.


Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.


Kirby Star Allies soundtrack is an absolute banger


Tried the Triangle Strategy demo today too. Gameplay is solid enough. Graphics and music are great. Some iffy voice acting, though the leads seem good. So far, I'm intrigued.


New Kirby feels like the Mario Odyssey and 3D World devs asked for a crack at Kirby, and someone said yes. It still feels like Kirby, but with a little extra added that makes a big difference. I'm more sold on the full game than I already was.


I start up Bloodborne after a month, and I'm immediately greeted by a monster that DOESNT get stunned by a stealth attack, has several moves that can lock you in place, and then proceeds to command grab you and attack until you die.


Saw an article today previewing Android 13, and it took me a minute to realize the article was talking about a phone, and not Dragonball


Finished Cyberpunk today. There's a good game there, buried underneath all the hype, CDPR launch bullshit, etc. Kept me engaged for 50+ hours. Maybe I'll do another run with Female V at some point, but that won't be for a while. Still, fun times


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet looks like exactly what I was hoping for. A fusion of the Legends format and the traditional Pokemon structure. After Legends, I'm super excited!(It looks super ugly still, unfortunately)


From the reviews I've read, the impressions I've heard, and the videos I've seen, Elden Ring feels like a distinct mixture of Soulsbourne gameplay mechanics and Breath of the Wild open world structure. If i wasn't sold before, i am now.


45+ hrs into Cyberpunk. Reminds me alot of my time with Red Dead 2. Story and characters have me hooked and do a TON of the heavy lifting. Everything else ranges from shallow to mediocre. Still, glad I waited for this one. No hype to skew my judgment.


My disqus notifications have pretty much become that DMX song where he does a whole verse just listing women's names. What These B*tches Want, or something.


As I play through Cyberpunk, you know what's one game mechanic that can die in a fire? Weight limit. I'm serious, I can't think of a single game where a weight limit was anything other than a hindrance. It's stupid. Get rid of it forever!


Put a few hours into Cyberpunk 1.5 on ps5 (thanks free upgrade!). Early impressions? Driving sucks, shooting is worse, but pretty much everything else I like. A bit overwhelming and tutorials aren't great, but i like the feel. And no bugs so far!


Let's try this again. Wii U in comments


Also, gonna give Firefox on mobile a try with the ad blockers. I hate to block ads on a site I really enjoy, but with the usability of the site gone to shit because of them, I gotta try something.


Finally finished Arceus today. Caught the big boy on the box, whose boss fight was surprisingly fun and challenging. This game in general has been a delight, exceeding all expectations. I'm not going for 100%, that seems tedious. But it's been a fun ride


Using this site has become an exercise in frustration, to the point I think im done for a while. It's gotten to the point where I can't make a front page comment without fighting intrusive ads, long load times, or bugs like max zoom comments.


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