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Facebook hit me with this gem this morning. Man, time flies. I still remember going into Best Buy and having a mini panic attack when they said all copies were sold out, only to say pre-orders were fine. Can't wait for Tears


Just got an email from Amazon that says my Metroid Prime pre-order has an estimated shipping date of April 3. What the f***? Anyone hear anything similar?


Get this. Loverwatch, the Valentine's dating sim for Overwatch, CANT be accessed on mobile devices. This from the company infamous for "do you guys not have phones". You can't make this shit up.


First episode of TLOU where the changes felt like a net negative. Henry and Sam weren't nearly as interesting, Joel sniping instead of Ellie robs her of a big growth moment, and Kathleen reminds me of all the shitty people from TLOU2. First miss so far


I was really hoping for the Prime Trilogy, but if this means we're getting all 3 Primes remastered, I think I'm ok with it =). Prime 1 is my favorite in the series, the only one I can say I "love". I kinda have to get this. Lol.


Is something wrong with Zelda? Seriously. This game is releasing in 3 months, and there STILL hasn't been any substantial information releases about the game. Just mini teasers here and there, and ANOTHER one today. I'm getting worried


Saw the Bill and Frank episode again. Hit just as hard the second time. I DO regret that we missed out on some Bill/Ellie banter, but they more than made up for it. Just out of curiosity, what exactly happened to Frank at the end there?


Wow. The Bill and Frank episode was fucking excellent. I loved it, easily my favorite of the three so far. The changes made sense in the context of the show, since you're not actively playing a game. Incredibly well done episode.


Biggest gripe with TLOU HBO so far: we didn't get to the main story until the 12 min mark in episode 2. Premier had a similarly long intro. The backstory here feels unnecessary. The heart of the story is its characters. The virus itself never was.


Small life update: I spoke to my friend again after my last update. That horrible feeling seems to have passed, and I spoke to them again about therapy. They made the call, and first appointment is this Friday. Huge thanks to everyone who reached out


Had to check out The Last of Us last night, at least the intro. If this is a sign of things to come, then this is in good hands. That intro scene, especially the climax with Joel and Sarah....Pedro nailed it just as well as Troy did. Wow.


Dtoid friends, I ask for your advice and assistance in a personal matter. I have a friend who's going through a lot right now, and I wanna help, but I feel like I'm failing them. I'll elaborate more in the comments if anyone can spare a couple minutes


First game of 2023 finished is Sonic Frontiers! This game was genuinely a good time. A pleasant surprise, especially after it was bashed before it ever launched. Give me more open world games I can finish in 20 hours. 8/10.


Playing Sonic Frontiers while intoxicated is good times. I am drunk btw. Yes.


I drew an infinity symbol in Sonic Frontiers by accident, and came across a nice surprise! Discovering little things like that is a lot of fun in games.


Happy New Year everyone! 2023 baby, let's gooooooo!!!! May we all make some actual progress with our backlogs =)




Even the Pokemon Scarlet credits are laggy. Lol


SF6 beta was just as fun the second time as it was the first. A little more frustrating though, admittedly. Nothing to do with the game, I just suck at it. Lol. And I wanna get better. Definitely considering a fight stick....


Top 5 listicles on Destructoid, ranked


I got a SHINY LARVESTA! Which means in 1000 levels, I'll have a SHINY VOLCARONA!!!!! HOLY SHIT! I never get shinies. Lol


I got a 4 day weekend for Turkey Day! Got Ragnarok and my newly arrived copy of Scarlet ready to go! Can't wait!


Did they ever actually say "Kratos" in God of War 2018? They've said it quite a few times in Ragnarok, and I can't recall them ever saying it the first time around.


Jason David Frank was THE Power Ranger. Throughout all the years and all the cast changes, he was seemingly the one element that endured. He always came back. And now he can't anymore =(. RIP to the greatest ranger of them all. I can't man...


There HAS to be two Fire Emblem teams. One team makes the waifu games like Fates, Heroes and Engage, and the other makes the good Fire Emblem games.


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