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Kwan Ha is the worst thing to happen to Halo since 343 took over


I'm watching Moon Knight, and whenever Ethan Hawke speaks, all I hear is Raiden from the OG Mortal Kombat movie


Watched The Batman on HBO Max tonight. A damn good movie that was soooooooooooooo close to sticking the landing. Even still, this was very entertaining. I don't think it surpasses Begins or Dark Knight, but everything else is debatable.


Finished the OG Shovel Knight campaign tonight. Just some damn good video gaming right there. Hell, it might be as timeless as the games it emulates. Don't know why I got the urge to revisit it, but I'm damn glad I did.


Shovel Knight was THE indie game for me. The one that helped me overcome by biases towards indies, and helped me realize they could make games just as good and impactful as the big boys. What games helped you with a shift in perspective?


Don't know why, but i suddenly had the urge to play Shovel Knight. And, I actually bought Treasure Trove on Switch launch day. Time to STRIKE THE EARTH!!!


I'm excited for Kingdom Hearts 4!


Kirby has a PERFECT DODGE???!!!!!!!


3 episodes in, and Halo is way more story than i was expecting. Action has been kept to a minimum. Still, I like it enough that I'll keep watching. Halsey has been the surprise highlight for me so far.


I'm just gonna assume this is an April Fool's joke =)


So no E3 this year, huh? Guess we can look forward to every developer and publisher putting out Direct-style videos to promote their games. Varying greatly in quality. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


Kirby and the Forgotten Land does what the best Nintendo platformers do: introduce new mechanics, and push them as far as they can go in unique and interesting ways. The amount of times this game has put a smile on my face is ridiculous


I've seen people describe Final Fantasy Origin as a "Soulslike", and I officially don't know what that word means anymore.


Kirby Mouthful Mode feels like the developers were let loose do whatever the hell they wanted, and they'd figure out how to make sense of it later. It's ridiculous in all the right ways, and I love it.


Halo wasn't half bad. Definitely slows after the action packed opening, but decent. Enough so that I'll keep watching. Made Spartans and Elite feel very dangerous, which was awesome. Feels like a high budget Syfy show though. Lol.


Ha! Halo on Paramount has a Mass Effect easter egg. Very cute


I've never been excited for a Kirby game. Hell, I don't think I've ever actually finished one. Definitely enjoyed what I've played, but Kirby has always been "fine" to me. Something seemed different this time, and I followed my gut. Wish me luck!


I forgot just how utterly insane Mario Kart 8 can be at 200cc.


Finished my Scream marathon with Scream 5. Another really good post-trilogy movie, although I feel like Scream 4 executed pretty much everything better. The legacy characters, the new cast, the killers, etc. Though bringing <redacted> back was awesome


MK8D Coconut Mall brings back so many memories. I went away for college my first year, and I brought my Wii along. MKWii was a big hit in the dorm, Coconut Mall being a popular track. We played for countless hours in those days. I really do miss it.


So, I randomly decided to do a Scream marathon recently, having never seen anything past the original trilogy. I saw Scream 4 for the first time, and it's kinda awesome? Lol. I think I liked it more than 2 and 3 tbh


It's 2022, and I'm currently playing new content for Mario Kart 8, originally released in 2013. What a time to be alive. Lol. Also, say what you want about Tour. That game has some great tracks, and I'm glad we can play them in a normal MK game.


Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.


Kirby Star Allies soundtrack is an absolute banger


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