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I got a 4 day weekend for Turkey Day! Got Ragnarok and my newly arrived copy of Scarlet ready to go! Can't wait!


Did they ever actually say "Kratos" in God of War 2018? They've said it quite a few times in Ragnarok, and I can't recall them ever saying it the first time around.


Jason David Frank was THE Power Ranger. Throughout all the years and all the cast changes, he was seemingly the one element that endured. He always came back. And now he can't anymore =(. RIP to the greatest ranger of them all. I can't man...


There HAS to be two Fire Emblem teams. One team makes the waifu games like Fates, Heroes and Engage, and the other makes the good Fire Emblem games.


STOP WITH THE STUPID CHIME!!!!! Gods, im loving this game =)


I freaking hate YouTube. I'm on there today, trying to find NFL highlights, and somehow, pops up not one, but TWO spoilers for Ragnarok. One, I pretty much figured as I've played all the mainline GoW games. But the second? Fuck off YouTube


I love it when games account for the dumb shit I might try. Like, see those creatures over there in the distance? I wonder if my axe can reach them. I throw my axe, and proceed to get berated for it. Would never have heard that line otherwise. Love it


Ragnarok is fully installed and updated, and I'm all refreshed on the story of the first game. Everything is ready to go for a fun weekend after work tomorrow!


Qtoid, I'd like your opinion on a friendly debate at work. I've often heard that if you don't vote, you have no right to complain. I FIRMLY believe that if none of the candidates align with your values/beliefs, not voting is a valid stance. Thoughts?


Please everyone! Do your civic duty and get out there and vote! Unless you belong to a different party or have different values than I do. Then just stay home =)


I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite day on the Citadel


When Bayonetta 3 is allowed to be Bayonetta, it's fucking fantastic. Arguably the best in the series. But when I have to do other crap, chase an animal, do magic platforming, a timed collection puzzle, it REALLY brings down the pacing and the flow


Finally finished Xenoblade 3. Excellent game, really feels like the culmination of the series so far. I think I still prefer 1 and 2 overall, but I wouldn't argue if anyone said 3. I think I'll hold off on the post game. Time for Bayonetta 3!!!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Expecting a quiet night, as trick or treaters never really hit my house. I hope the rest of you guys have a fun one!


Why is it so fucking hard to just say "gg" and move along? No, everything is "tank diff", "dps diff", our Zarya sucks, never use Sigma again. I fucking hate this toxic cesspool, piece of shit excuse for a community. Everyone is amazing, and you suck


So now I have ads on the top of my screen, ads on the bottom of my screen, ads in the middle whenever the site damn well feels like, ads that revive after I close them, and now I can't comment on FP articles. This site's user experience is tanking HARD


Random hot take: Bayonetta 2 should have won GOTY 2014 (Also, holy fuck. It's been over 8 years between Bayonettas 2 and 3)


I hate playing Overwatch. All I want is to be good at something I love, and even after all these years, I'm still awful. Everyone is so much better than me, and it's constantly thrown in my face. It's legit depressing, to the point of tears. I can't


The worst part about the SF6 beta? I wanna keep playing, and I can't =(


We currently have a player, on a winning streak!


Been playing Overwatch 2 all day. Got the 20% battle pass boost, AND the 20% group boost. I'm only at tier 10. Locking characters behind level 55 is horseshit


Finally got into Overwatch 2, and in my first two competitive matches, and I was told by my teammates how awful I am. *sigh*. I really don't need this toxicity in my life anymore


I'd honestly be fine if the Mario movie had a heavy Bowser focus. Nothing against Mario or his voice, I just remembered how awesome Bowser was in the Mario RPG games, and think he's better suited to a movie than the Bros.


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