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Monster hunter world is.... Tasty


Not a single moment at the Game Awards will ever beat "Fuck the Oscars" for me ever again.


I swear I'm not dead. Disqus is just blocked where I am 90% of the time. I am doomed to never see your voices, scream at me you beautiful bastards and I will never see it.


PUBG is a wonderful game that deserves the GOTY nomination. FIHGT ME


I beat the final boss of A hat in time last night and This has singlehandedly rocketed the game up to my number one status for GOTY. Please do not sleep on Hat in Time. It's a damn Masterpiece


Famicom mini is finally mine! Can't wait to rip apart the games I never got to play when I was young


Finally 100%ed steamworld dig 2. What a neat little gem. Makes me want to get into speedrunning it with all the movement options it has. EDIT: corrected typo


Finally picked up Samus returns, Loving it so far, I love how the melee counter isn't some frame perfect shit you have to pull. However this game is reminding me how phenomenally bad I am at metroid games.


Hey, a good friend of mine is trying to get his head into the journalism industry. If you could please check out https://switchingworlds.com/ and give him some feedback! and maybe stick around if you like it.


My black mage is starting to get: "The Look" Down. Thank you road to 60


Hiveswap act 1 is short but very very good


Hiveswap is finally out so excuse me while I do nothing but that


Hey look it's me guzzling down that sweet sweet hiveswap content


Today I learned that the "KNACK 2 BAYBEE" was ironic and not actually serious. I thought people actually liked the first knack. This truth is so much better.


I finished mother 3 on my raspberry pi last night and what an experience that was. This game deserves those touches to get it ready for a western audience. People deserve to be able to play this game. I keep thinking about it and I just want MORE


Man this was hard. Hopping in that bandwagon




Holy shit, theres a lot more support for homestuck/hiveswap here than I thought.


Its so hard to actually believe we have a release date. Five years of waiting will hopefully pay off. Waiting game here we come




hahahaha Guess who's gonna be the proud owner of a new raspberry pi on thursday, plot twist it's me.


I've got a bundle in my cart from the gamestop app but I can't get it to check out. At the very least I've found out why nintendo is doing this:


Fingers crossed that at the very least Star fox 2 will be stripped from the snes classic day 1 and distributed everywhere.


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