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What is a Thanksgiving? My November holiday celebrates burning a man to death. Happy holidays to the Americans here :)


I'm spoiled for choice here, it's payday and thanks to Black Friday sales PS5 games are actually reasonably priced. Last game I bought was Resident Evil 8 back in May so there is quite a bit to choose from. Any good suggestions?


Flamers are finally done, these took a long time. I lost faith in my theme at one point but still stuck with it.


Damnit I was at the dentist when the Elden Ring CE went up for pre-order and now it's all gone :(


I am unreasonably proud of my captain. I need to do a few touch ups but it's basically done.


WIP. Ultramarine captain from the magazine sub. This is the first model I'm not following the instructions for as I wanted to practice layer highlighting on the cape. I'm pretty proud of it's come out but Comments and critisisms are welcome for this piece


Back from seeing Dune at my local cinema. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to part 2


Never thought I would say this but Nintendo has done a complete Konami with the Switch N64 emulator it turns out with OOT missing fog and geometry elements. Another reason not to subscribe https://twitter.com/stopskeletons/status/1452901471553351680


Attempting to paint fire, magic fire. Who ever heard of magic fire that isn't green? Anyway I like how the Brimstone horror came out but not sure about my flamer tbh.


Fuck me 4 layers to get a base coat I'm content with. I blame the ultramarines blue as being soley responsible for the GW paint line having it's poor repuattion because the rest I've been using were fine.


Day 3 of Back 4 Blood. 11 hours played so far and can't stop. It's been such a great game to play so far and IMO a worthy successor to L4D.


Just picked up Back 4 Blood on Steam. Actually didn't know it was out until I saw Parismio's post lol. Anyone want to join me for a game hit me up on Steam :) I would rather play with non-randoms if possible.


That is my third Screamer done. Also did some basic base colour and magnetised them


It is surprisingly hard to get complete coverage on a space marines armour I am finding.


Happy Birthday Mike aka PhilKenSebben. May birdman one day get to your office on time.


The next batch has arrived. It's been fun following along so far. I open a new one weekly as intended I guess.


I'm happy for the Sora fans. I think it's a great choice even if I did fall off the series after KH2.


Remember guys, no matter who ends up being the final smash character after today... The internet will still be upset and we will not hear the end of all the complaints that someone else didn't get the spot.


The first horror movie of the Season for me is A Quiet Place. It's been on my radar for a while tbh. It was a fun movie and I appreciated the actors who did some fine silent acting. I question the creatures though.


*Turns off Animal Crossing* *Finds out it's the weekend tomorrow* Uh oh... I think I've fallen back into the Animal Crossing hole hard.


Ouch, GOG have recently released Hitman 2016 with all of it's online DRM still intact. All while advertising this still.


Welp I turned on Animal Crossing after 6 months as my villagers told me. It was kind of nice to go back and see my town again and looking forward to seeing what Brewster will bring in this game.


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