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Very much looking forward to seeing Shulk and Rex return in the Xenoblade 3 DLC


Zelda in May is a surprise for sure. Two days after my birthday even.


Finally had a chance to watch Zack Snyder's Justice League and honestly. I loved it. Actually made me think it's a pity WB killed it off when the credits rolled.


I was going to do a what's in the box post but the box was unwieldy and had the logo plastered on anyway. So I skipped a step.


In the UK FF16 will have the Deluxe Steelbook edition be widely available with the cheaper standard edition now also coming with a store exclusive steelbook... Did SE just make the standard edition more exclusive? EDITED


Never played an Armoured Core game before but with my appreciateion of the Souls series I will certainly look forward to the new one.


Yuki Naka getting arrested sure does make his comments against Square-Enix kind of ironic.


My choice of movie tonight was Dog Soldiers. In an era where werewolves are canon fodder or teen drama icons it was refreashing to see a film with the classic werewolf tear apart a group of modern trained soldiers predator style.


Going to post my thoughts on the Silent Hill presentation in the comments for anyone interested.


Yes! I am so happy that Christoph Gans is directing a new Silent Hill movie. I really enjoyed the first one


Those Gundams are finger licking good.


Between Fatal Frame 4 and Pikmin 4 I am content. Time for Sony to show off how many IP's it can turn into TLOU.


Pikmin 4 is coming to Switch. Nintendo wins E3 2.0


Fatal Frame 4 is coming to Switch. Nintendo wins E3 2.0


I have completed Elden Ring... And right now I want nothing more than to play it again as another build.


Xenoblade Chrosnicles 3 feels like they took my favorite elements from all the previous games and mushed them together. Still too soon to call it my favorite but it's a contender.


Mutliple non-linear story lines in pokemon is a corporate buzz phrase that works on me. I haven't been into pokemon since Sun/Moon so I'll prob get this one and run around with my fire croc which is the real correct starter.


Xenoblade 3 is amazing but it joins Elden Ring in the list of games I'll probably never get to play in any good time because my home life balance is so fucked. But I just don't have the heart to play it portably.


Though I have Xenoblade 3 in hand I'm waiting to get back to my flat tomorrow so I can first experience it on my TV. Hope you are all having fun though.


PSA: Huge Square-Enix PC sale over on GOG, they are selling the games from their old western studios that they dumped for pennies. Bought Tomb Raider Legends for 69p (nice)


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