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It is my birthday to day and to celebrate, I can't have alchohol becasue I'm on antibiotics and I have to minute a meeting first thing this morning today. Yay :P


As the only person in the world who likes the Dark Pictures Anthology. I picked up a neat little trinket from the Bandai Namco store for some game register points.


Who wants to bet that FFVII-2 will have NFT's...


I have completed Nier Automata ending E. Taking a break after replicant was the correct move as I enjoyed it a lot more after coming back to it.


Man Kirby was a glorious experience, probably going for 100% with this one. Looking forward to seeing where the series goes with this new format.


Time to do a what's in the box?


I think the 'X' button on my Joycons is going, which is both unique and unfortunate.


I was planning to buy Gran Turismo 7 this week but with the reports that the new update turned it into a P2W game I think I dodged a bullet there. Still disapointing though as I've been playing this series since it's PS2 days.


With a new kirby coming out next week I'm going to take a break from Elden Ring posts to share my favorite piece of fan content.


I found one of you guys in Elden Ring. I also avenged you.


I'm seeing a number of comments online suggesting that levelling stats for weapon scaling isn't as important anymore as levelling Vigor, Mind and Stam does and actually... yeah I think that makes a lot of sense for Elden Ring.


There is so much to see and do in Elden Ring that I forsee future playthroughs will entail pre-planning a build and strategically going for dungeons that have specific gear and spells. Got to enjoy that first playthrough's sense of discovery while you can


Oh shit. I think Elden Ring has dislodged original Dark Souls as my favourite souls game.


Just three days left. My copy of Elden Ring has apparantly been packaged and is ready for shipping.


My youtube feed is killing me right now.


Only 6 days left until Elden Ring.


Oh shit Xenoblade 3 hype. I'm so happy right now


I got to borrow my brothers copy of Pokemon Legends for a bit. I am convinced and I will buy it.


Pokemon Legends comes out tomorrow. I'm not buying it day 1 as frankly I don't trust the pokemon company anymore so I'm waiting for player feedback first, but it looks interesting and will keep my eyes on it. Eurogamers review didn't really sell me though


Had my Covid booster today. The 5g connection feels a lot more stable.


First game completed 2022. Dragon Quest XI S


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