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After the latest episode of The Mandalorian, it still boggles my mind that we haven't gotten more Rogue Squadron games.


Has spoilers for Season 1. April so close, but so far.


Truly, the darkest timeline. Though honestly better than it being a pre-order bonus.


I gotta give Warner Bros credit. They waited at least 8 years to drive Rocksteady/Arkham into the ground. It only took them 3 years last time with Monolith/Shadow of Mordor.


Ughh, that Suicide Squad gameplay trailer was incredibly depressing. I can't believe that after 8 years, we get that... And looks like always-on internet connection too.


OMG. Finally Metroid Prime Remaster. Sad it is not entire trilogy, but I'll take it. Plus, the musicccccc.


Gundamnnnnnnnn. April can't come soon enough.


Just watched the new Trigun anime, and it was better than I thought (had low expectations). CGI is actually pretty good, but at same time, no real style to it. Plus, no Milly and the op is not anywhere close to the original.


These Suda51 sponsored reviews are great. Can't wait for the next one. Link in comment.


For those who need convincing, Suda51 did a sponsored review of CardShark. Link in the comments.


I'm starting to think SquareEnix is beyond broke based on all the insider trading and their shitty selling practices.


Making my yearly end charity donations. If you got an ExtraLife or some video game related charity to donate under, leave me the details in the comments. Finale Bump.


Just like Miles, I have traveled across the Multu-verse, to end up in a universe where Disqus actually loads fast but looks hella ugly. All joking aside, so pumped for this movie. Trailer gave me goosebumps.


Binged The Dragon Age anime on Netflix. It's closer to the Dota anime than Arcane in terms of quality, but it was a fun watch. It is also super gay, which is dope, because I'm sure the worst folks are breaking keyboards over it.


Don't worry England, my Dad also hasn't come home since the 60s, and I turned out ok.


Excited for the Splatoon update. I looked through the full patch notes, and I think there are a lot of changes that will make people happy.


It is all starting to make sense. Though I feel bad for insulting Char with this comparison.


The graphical fidelity of the Metaverse is really something.


I figured all The Thing fans on here would get a kick out of this.


Definitely ready for some new stages. And getting some new weapons also nice. I do hope Big Run is more than just Salmon Run on the Turf War maps though.


Vindication!!! Finally, Big Man has been properly honored. Hope everyone had fun! I do still miss the custom stages though. Even though Tricolor is fun, the custom stages were definitely better.


In between the Splatfest, and the anime season being as stacked as it has ever been, this is going to be a busy weekend.


Wanted to highlight a Chinese Anime called The Daily Life of the Immortal King. It is a comedy, that is kinda tropey, but also has great animation. Also, two episodes in Season 2 that I think other people here would get a big kick out of. On Crunchyroll.


If we are being lore accurate, this could be the most dangerous creature in existence. Link to original tweet in comments.


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