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So next season of anime is stackkkkeddddd. Mob Psycho s3, Spy x Family part 2, Chainsaw Man, Eminence in Shadow, new Gundam, and who knows what I'm forgetting. October can't come soon enough (plus Bayonetta 3. It counts cause it got an anime movie).


Came upon the weirdest She-Hulk ad.


This HBOMax stuff sucks big time. I'm like 90% sure Young Justice won't get renenewed and everything else that was interesting like Doom Patrol, etc. are going to get canceled. Even John Oliver might be doomed. Executives all suck. Other than Iwata.


To no big surprise, Kaiju No 8 is getting an anime. And Crunchyroll bought Rightstuf. For those lovely degenerates, supposedly all 18+ content being split off to new site, but current orders will be honored.


Holy Crap! DC apparently cancelled the Batgirl movie. They spent $90 million, but "supposedly" movie tested so bad, it wasn't even worth to have it go to streaming (which it was already doing). So no Leslie Grace, no Keaton, no Fraser. What a waste.


ConfessionToid: I have never put a PopTart in the toaster before eating it.


Some of the CGI in the 2021 Mortal Kombat movie looks like it came from the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie.


Well, I think I finally got COVID. I was hoping just a cold since I could taste shit, but signs aren't good. And of course, it is finally as I was getting back to going to gym daily trying to lose all my pandemic weight.


Strange New Worlds is awesome. It is pretty much all I have wanted from a new Star Trek since this new era has started. Binged half already, and probably will finish the rest later today.


This was so dumb, but I can't stop laughing.


Man I miss the Red Alert games.


Chainsaw Man Tuesday's must always begin with the appropriate soundtrack. Really hope this is used in the anime.


From what I've read, Lance Reddick only good part of the new Resident Evil. And while Farzar didn't click with me, some of the stuff he says in it had me dying. Basically, Lance Reddick should be in everything.


Got recommended a video ranking Gundam OPs, and now listening to a bunch of em. Two things I got reminded: 1. A good amount of them slap, and 2. Pretty sure 2000s Gundam OPs were contractually required to show at least one character naked in space.


In between The Witch from Mercury and Bayonetta 3, October looks to be Witchin.


They are using Franz Ferdinand for the Cyberpunk anime opening. I love me some Franz, but I would never have expected that to happen. Though I guess since it is a mixed western production, it makes more sense.


Episode 7 of The Boys had the funniest content warning I had seen in awhile. Posting it in comments just to be safe, though doesn't really spoil anything if you familiar with the show at all.


Damn, and I thought I was a Nintendo fan (series was F-Zero). Link to article in comments.


Fuck this Supreme Court. The Roe v Wade decision is truly evil, but they made some incredible stupid decisions in Kennedy v. Bremerton and New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.


@woodrowwhite on Twitter has been sharing mash-ups of Junji Ito panels with King of the Hill, and they are awesome. More in the comments.


Been playing Strikers Battle League and have been enjoying it. Stylistically it is great. But really needs a story mode. And some of the timing specific moves are a little hard to pull off, with the team tackle basically useless in single-player.


Any juicy Xbox E3 predictions? From what they teased before, we got Starfield, Fable, Perfect Dark. Probably that Golden Eye Remaster I've seen rumors about. Obligatory Halo stuff.


Watched the first episode of Ms. Marvel and it was fun. Especially enjoyed it embracing the comic book visuals, with only Spider-Verse and Scott Pilgrim doing more. Pic unrelated.


Hopefully it will have the quality of the first series.


Well, as expected, the biggest LimitedRun ultimate Shredder's Revenge is expensive. The included stuff is all cool though, expect not a fan of Strategy Guide instead of Art Book. Cheaper option in comment.


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